Coolpad Legacy Brisa User Manual

Coolpad Legacy Brisa user manual is a source of information that provides useful customization tips.  Let’s improve this device’s dependability.

Coolpad Legacy Brisa User Manual

The Coolpad Legacy Brisa is a premium smartphone that delivers high performance while still being affordable. It is one of the least expensive phones that will not disappoint you.

For people who have a small budget, this smartphone will provide you with massive features. Compared to other phones in a similar price range, this device stands out.

The stellar value of this phone will shine even brighter if you know how to personalize it. The Coolpad Legacy Brisa user manual will provide you with all the knowledge you need to tweak the device.

People often overlook the importance of a user manual despite its resourcefulness. This article will show you that the guidebook will give you a lot of beneficial info that will be necessary to improve the performance.

Home Screen and Display

Your phone’s home screen is the starting for your device’s menu, applications, notifications, and other functions.  Understanding how to customize the home screen will be beneficial for your efficiency.

The user manual provides explanations about the notification bar, icons, and the general layout of your phone. You can learn how to customize the wallpaper, tidy up the menus, folder management, and add shortcuts.

Battery Use

The Coolpad Legacy Brisa offers an outstanding battery life. It can last up to 2 days on light usage. The massive 4000mAh battery will be able to last for 7 hours on heavier usage.

The user manual will help you to figure out power consumption management. Reading the manual will teach you how to make your phone stay on longer without charging. It will also help to preserve your battery condition. You can also learn the battery usage monitor and Quick Charging mode.

Managing Contacts

A huge contacts list will be tough to manage. It can be challenging for people who are new to smartphones. Storing phone numbers, deleting contacts, editing, sharing, exporting, importing contacts, making a call, or managing short messages may confuse you if you rarely use a smartphone.

Fortunately, this device’s user manual contains comprehensive information regarding contact management. It provides you with a case-by-case short and clear explanation that you can follow easily.

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Camera and Video

The Coolpad Legacy Brisa comes with respectable camera capability. It has a dual 16MP rear camera and a large 16MP selfie upfront. These cameras are capable of snapping pretty pictures that will immortalize your daily activity or extraordinary moments.

To get the best image out of your phone, you will need to learn about the camera settings. The user manual contains information about how to use filters, adjust zoom, enable different shooting modes, night shots, panorama, and many more!

Internet Connectivity

To connect with other people via your new smartphone, you will have to tweak your settings accordingly. There are various methods available in this phone that you can utilize to get a connection.

The Coolpad Legacy Brisa user manual will teach about this device’s connectivity. Find out how to manage Mobile networks, data usage, change the 2G, 3G, 4G, or the LTE band. You can also learn how to connect to WiFi, enable Bluetooth, Tethering, and so on.

Security Settings

Activating the security settings in your new smartphone is one of the first that you have to do. Preventing unauthorized people from using your phone is an essential step to secure your sensitive data.

The Coolpad Legacy comes with various security modes. The user manual will tell you all you need to know about enabling the fingerprint sensor, face lock, screen lock, Google Play Protect, PIN, and encryption.


Every person who uses the internet will at least have an email. It is a standard form of communication that is essential to make accounts in the digital world.

Gmail is the most common email provider that is also available in the Coolpad Legacy Brisa. If you are not familiar with it, the user manual will provide you with thorough information. You can find out about how to make a new account, send an email, delete email, manage multiple email accounts, and so on.

Download User Manual

The Coolpad Legacy Brisa user manual is always ready to help you figure out the phone’s functionality. You can download the guidebook in digital form at the link that we have provided. You may need the handy pdf file in the future when you encounter unexpected problems.

Download: Coolpad Legacy Brisa User Manual (PDF)