LG Tribute Dynasty (LG SP200) User Manual

When in doubt, refer to the official guide. This is what the LG Tribute Dynasty user manual is for. Discover how to use your phone the best way.

LG Tribute Dynasty User Manual

Without any doubt, smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. With smartphones being really important, we would want to fully make use of it and customize it.

When it comes to customizing smartphones, we usually think about changing wallpapers. But there are a lot more than the surface. Do you know there are a lot more things to customize other than that?

This LG Tribute Dynasty user manual will cover all the information you need to know about this smartphone. It pays to take a moment to read this document. Before that, you might appreciate a little bit of sneak peek.

We have summarized the lengthy phone user manual into an easy-to-read article. Find out what you will discover inside. When it’s time, find the download link for the user manual below.

Getting Started

The first section talks about how to start using and setting up your LG Tribute Dynasty. If you have no idea how to do so, this chapter has your back.

When you unbox your LG Tribute Dynasty, you will be presented with your phone, battery, USB cable, and charger. The first step is to install the battery. To do so, remove the back cover, insert the battery, and put the back cover back on. The manual then will guide you on the first setup process.

Then, you should charge your phone. Before using the device, it is recommended to fully charge the battery. You can peek into the manual to find out the proper way to do it. After that, you can boot the device by holding the Power/Lock key until the screen turns on.

Using Basic Features

This part comes in two main categories. First, the touchscreen. The manual reveals some gestures that you can do on the screen. For example, double-tapping to zoom in and out of a webpage.

The second section discusses the home screen layout. You can view all apps and organize widgets and folders on the home screen. To add folders, simply drag an icon over another icon. It will create a folder that will make organizing and customizing your home screen way easier.

Changing the Phone Settings

This section is all about configuring the phone’s settings. You can learn to customize the device settings to fit your preferences.

There is numerous other stuff you can change to make your phone more fun. Features such as screen swipe effect, icon shape, and grid get your device a little more interesting and bespoke. We’re also talking about wallpaper and lock screen, which are included in this chapter. Most of the basic options may be self-explanatory. But with the manual, you can discover more unique LG features such as the Smart Lock.

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Installing and Uninstalling Apps

Apps are such an essential part of a smartphone. Therefore, mastering apps on your phone is without questions. To install apps, you should access the app store. Confused about how to do it? LG Tribute Dynasty user manual will show you how.

To uninstall them, on the other hand, will take a whole separate process. Still, you can consult the manual for this task. This topic is also available inside.

Custom-designed Features

Custom features on this phone are considered special because only LG phones have them. In the manual, this is what this section is mainly about.

Learn about Multitasking View. It allows you to use two apps at the same time by separating the screen into multiple windows. While using an app, touch and hold from the Home touch buttons, then select an app from the recently-used apps list.

LG Tribute Dynasty also has something called Quick Share. After taking a picture or video in the camera app, you can immediately share it with one tap. Consult the manual for more info. Don’t forget to also read about the Gallery features and Google Assistant.

LG Bridge

The manual still has more surprises under its sleeves. Introducing the LG Bridge. LG Bridge is a very useful app that helps you manage the photos, music, videos, and documents saved on your LG smartphone from your computer conveniently. Again, it’s all explained in plain English by the manual.

Download User Manual

Now that you have read the essentials on how to use this smartphone, you might want to read even further about this phone. We have attached the LG Tribute Dynasty user manual for you to download. It will also help you solve even the most technical problems you might encounter while using this smartphone.

Download: LG Tribute Dynasty User Manual (PDF)