LG Tribute Royal User Manual

You can save a lot of time and energy with a credible document. To master your smartphone’s features, check out the LG Tribute Royal user manual.

LG Tribute Royal User Manual

Buying a new device is easy, but understanding how to use it? That can be difficult. If you’ve recently purchased the LG Tribute Royal, you might run into this same issue.

Learning about your device doesn’t necessarily have to be a complicated process. Instead of randomly accessing its features to know how the phone works, there’s a more viable solution.

Make your life a whole lot easier with the help of the LG Tribute Royal user manual. Simple and straightforward, the provided instructions will efficiently teach you how to operate your device.

If you don’t feel like checking out the user manual yet, we got you. Take a look at our summary of the user manual and see for yourself.

Charging your battery

Before activating your LG Tribute Royal, make sure it’s fully charged. Newly-purchased devices aren’t usually charged yet. Check out the user manual to find out how to correctly charge your device by following the provided guidelines.

This process looks simple from a glance. However, there are several important precautions that you will need to consider. Otherwise, you might accidentally damage your phone. The user manual lists out all the things you are required to know when charging. 

Home screen layout

The first page you’ll land on your LG Tribute Royal is your home screen. You must familiarize yourself with the home screen layout. Fortunately, the user manual shows a screenshot of the home screen. On top of that, each bar, widget, and button on the home screen is labeled.

If you’re unsure of what each home-screen widget or button does don’t worry. The user manual has briefly described all of their functions. Everything, from the status bar, to the smallest things like the widget button, is explained succinctly.

Status icons

Ever wondered what’s happening to your LG Tribute Royal? All phone activities are represented by small status icons that pop up on your phone bar. Each of these icons represents common activities, such as no signal, battery level, or connected Wi-Fi.

For a full list of these status icons, you are highly advised to check out the user manual. You don’t have to memorize everything. With the user manual, you can always refer back to this section anywhere, anytime.

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Smart keyboard

The keyboard on your LG Tribute Royal is no ordinary keyboard. A smartphone should also come with a smart keyboard. Unlike regular keyboards, your device’s keyboard comes with its own special toolbar that will elevate your typing experience in general.

Don’t know where your Smart keyboard toolbar is located, check out the LG Tribute Royal user manual. In the same section, you can find out what other functions your Smart keyboard can do. Come features include moving your cursor, word suggestions, and changing the keyboard’s layout.

Taking photos

Time to take awesome photos with the LG Tribute Royal. Users ought to understand what your camera interface should look like. The user manual gives you a preview of what your camera interface should look like. It teaches you the basics, like turning on flash, adding filters, and selecting camera modes.

For advanced smartphone photographers, you have the freedom to customize your camera options. You can access certain settings like HDR, Grid, or FULLVISION. To learn how to activate these configurations, users can go to this section for more information. 

Staying connected

Save up your LG Tribute Royal’s data connection with Wi-Fi. Similar to most smartphones, your device is capable of obtaining a connection from nearby Wi-Fi networks. To learn how to connect to a Wi-Fi network, you can easily follow the guideline provided in the user manual. Soon enough, you’ll end up with a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Security settings

Nothing’s more important than your LG Tribute Royal’s privacy. You must invest time and effort into your device’s security settings. This can help prevent unwanted intrusions into your device.

Check out the user manual for a full range of lock screen and security options. You can experiment with different options to get the best level of privacy. From location permissions to security updates, all of this is available at your fingertips.

Download user manual

You can find answers to your questions and concerns in the user manual. While the summary might end, you can find more information in the LG Tribute Royal user manual. Access the full version of the document by clicking on the available download link. You’ll have the document for yourself.

Download: LG Tribute Royal User Manual (PDF)