Wiko Ride 2 User Manual

There’s no better feeling than mastering the specifications of your smartphone. Check out and download the Wiko Ride 2 user manual to get started.

Wiko Ride 2 User Manual

We all know what it’s like not being able to understand how our Wiko Ride 2 works. It can be very frustrating not getting things right in the first place.

But what if there’s a written document that teaches us everything about this gadget? Fortunately, the Wiko Ride 2 user manual exists for our personal reference.

The user manual contains valuable information that will help us get a better grip on the gadget. Plus, it’s got some handy tips and tricks to ensure that our device can be used for longer periods.

Find out what’s in store by reading this insightful summary of the user manual. If that isn’t enough, you are more than welcome to download the full document.

Parts overview

The first section of the user manual introduces you to the parts and functions of the Wiko Ride 2. You will be given a full diagram of the device, in which each button and key has been intricately labeled. You can use this picture as a reference to understand your phone’s main layout.

Below the diagram, there is a table listing all of the smartphone’s parts. Each part is given a brief description so that you have a clearer understanding of each function. If you have the user manual, there’s no need for memorizing it.

Battery use

The Wiko Ride 2 comes with a removable battery. Due to the sensitive nature of this component, you are recommended to check the user manual. You can check out the precautions that come with your battery to prevent unwanted issues.

This section provides a detailed, visual guideline on how to insert the battery correctly. Similarly, there’s a separate guideline for removing the battery. Last but not least, charging instructions come included so that you can power up your device efficiently.

Use the touchscreen

Like most devices nowadays, you must use a touchscreen to navigate the Wiko Ride 2. Your device responds to a variety of touch gestures. The question is, what kind of touch gestures does your device react to?

In the user manual, you will be introduced to a list of accepted gestures. Furthermore, you can learn what specific feature a certain gesture can access. With the user manual as a helpful guide, you won’t get lost exploring your device.

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Capturing screenshots

Take a photo of any on-screen content you find on the Wiko Ride 2. Capturing screenshots is a faster alternative than writing down notes. However, not everyone can easily locate where this function is.

The Wiko Ride 2 user manual shows you two incredibly simple ways to capture screenshots. Each method is given a specific guideline that’s short and easy to follow. Soon enough, you’ll find yourself taking multiple screenshots on your device.

Home screen layout

On Wiko Ride 2, the first page you’ll land is the home screen. Before you explore the other interfaces of your device, you should focus on this section first. You must master the basics of your home screen.

In this section, the user manual shows how your home screen should initially look like. Each feature, widget, and the button is labeled so that you can easily identify them. Once you’ve gotten the basics down, you can experiment a bit by trying out extended home screens.

Software updates

Some day, you’ll have to update your Wiko Ride 2’s software. Updates like these are common, but they can be very heavy-duty. Due to the size of an update, you’ll need to pay attention to important instructions before proceeding with a software update.

Check out the user manual for step-by-step instructions on how to update your software. It even includes a guideline on how to back up all your data before an update. With all this information provided by the user manual, you can ensure a smooth software update.

Mobile networks

Make sure your mobile network is activated on the Wiko Ride 2. Without a proper mobile connection, your device is practically unusable. The user manual lets you know where to access mobile networks on your smartphone. Additionally, it lets you know how to turn on mobile data easily.

Download user manual

Reading this summary might not be enough for you. Don’t worry, we got you covered. You can keep a full copy of the Wiko Ride 2 user manual, and it only takes a few seconds. All you have to do is click on the download link to get your document.

Download: Wiko Ride 2 User Manual (PDF)