LG K51 (Verizon) User Manual

LG K51 (Verizon) user manual contains valuable information that will help you to customize this phone. Get the most out of your device by tweaking the setting.

LG K51 Verizon User Manual

LG K51 is one of the most affordable phones that you can buy for around $150. This device offers you outstanding performance for the money. You will hardly find a better alternative for an entry-level smartphone that provides such value.

This phone provides a balanced feature. You get an adequate processing capability, decent cameras, and good storage. For people who want more, this device provides you with a versatile customization option.

The LG K51 (Verizon) user manual is the primary source that explains the adjustment process. You can rely on it to tell you everything about this smartphone.

The user manual will assist you in getting more performance out of your device. This article will highlight a piece of the guidebook so that you can see its importance.

Camera Features

One of the first things that you will learn from the manual is its camera feature. LG knows that most people by now would know how to operate the basic functionality of smartphones. 

You get to learn right away how to take sharp images and crisp videos. The camera comes with a 13MP sensor that will get the job done for most situations. Learn how to adjust shooting modes, change resolution, activate flash, customize the filters, and many more.

Google Assistant

Having a virtual assistant is a must-have for modern smartphones. You get to enjoy your phone to the fullest even when you are busy with something else. Instead of using your fingers, Google Assistant can use your voice as a cue to execute a specific task.

This seemingly advanced feature may confuse a lot of beginners. If you are unsure how to use this option, the user manual will provide you with guidance. It will tell you how easy it is to activate and use Google Assistant.

Fingerprint Recognition

Phone security is a crucial aspect that will ensure the safety of your data. You do not want random people using your phone without your knowledge. One of the standard protection settings present in this phone is fingerprint recognition.

The LG K51 user manual will teach you how to set up this security feature. Instead of remembering a password, you can use the tip of your fingers to unlock the phone. Find out how to register, edit, and delete your fingerprints data!

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Getting to Know Your Home Screen

Having a tidy and beautiful home screen will put your mind more at ease. Without prior knowledge, you may have difficulty in managing or customizing the home screen.

Luckily, the user manual contains detailed information regarding the phone’s home screen management. Familiarize yourself with the navigation, display, icons, layout, and notification panel.  Learn how to edit the home screen style, add widgets, apps folders, and so on!

Multi-tasking Feature

The LG K51 has a more than capable chipset that will allow you to run most latest programs. You will be able to operate multiple apps or do various tasks all at once without lagging.

To ensure that the multi-task feature functions smoothly, you will need the guidance of the user manual. You can learn how to enable the multi-window, pop-up window, and the recent-uses screen. That way, your productivity will multiply significantly.


The LG K51 comes with various built-in apps. These apps, ranging from the most basic to more advanced, will sustain your activity throughout the day. If you are new to a smartphone, you may not be familiar with apps’ functions.

The user manual provides a detailed step-by-step tutorial about the apps’ settings and functionalities. Learn how to manage your phone’s contacts, use Google apps, install or uninstall new apps, and use the LG ThinQ native app.

Network Settings

The fundamental function of a phone is to serve as a communication device. You will not be able to use the smartphone to communicate with other people without understanding how to manage the networks and connections.

The user manual will provide an easy-to-understand tutorial about the internet and mobile connection. Find out how to use WiFi, activate airplane mode, enable tethering, and manage your data usage efficiently.

Download User Manual

The LG K51 (Verizon) user manual contains tons of resourceful information that will help you adjust the phone settings. You can always rely on it to help you with the customization process and other needs. Now, you may download the pdf file for free at the link that we have provided.

Download: LG K51 Verizon User Manual (PDF)