ZTE Blade A3 Joy User Manual

Do you have trouble figuring out your smartphone? The ZTE Blade A3 Joy user manual has all the comprehensive guidance you need to know the device.

ZTE Blade A3 Joy User Manual

Using a smartphone – especially a brand new one requires a little knowledge. A simple device like ZTE Blade A3 Joy may be easy to use. But, more details need to be paid attention to.

The first moment you hold your smartphone, you need to prepare everything. Fortunately, the ZTE Blade A3 Joy user manual is an insightful resource that contains everything about how to use the device.

From the heavy user manual, we packed everything into this article. If you want a sneak peek at what is inside the document, you better read this one.

Getting Started

What should you do if you have no idea how to start your new phone? Obviously, it would be best if you got to know the smartphone’s layouts. Familiarize the phone’s buttons and hardware functions with this first chapter.

After that, you can install the SIM, MicroSD card, and battery. Also, learn how to charge the battery, set up the phone, and have a quick tour of the phone’s home screen.


Not a fan of the default settings? With this second chapter of the user manual, you can get more personal by setting up everything according to your taste. You can choose what language you want to use, set the date and time, and change the ringtones, sounds, and alarm.

In this chapter, you can also learn how to change the wallpapers, adjust the screen brightness, and turn on the night light. Importantly, you learn how to protect the phone with screen locks and screen pinning.

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Knowing the Basics

We often forget the phone’s basic and mandatory information. You don’t need to panic because you can learn in this chapter. For example, you can learn the phone’s status and notifications icons.

There is also some information about managing the shortcuts and widgets, organizing the shortcuts with folders, and rearranging the primary shortcuts.

Connecting to Networks and Devices

Being able to connect to the internet is the main objective of smartphones. Thankfully, the ZTE Blade A3 Joy provides users with various networks. There are mobile networks and Wi-Fi options to connect to the internet.

Despite this, users can connect with other devices by using some available connections. You can try to use Bluetooth for transferring data wirelessly or USB Type-C to connect with a computer.


Settings are where you can adjust and configure your phone. This chapter will tell you what those are you can set up, including the network and internet, and apps and notifications. You can also see the battery level and add some features.

Here, you can also change the display and sound settings. Manage the phone’s storage, privacy, and locations. You can boost your phone’s security by activating some security features and managing the accounts.


Are you afraid that some days you will mess up your smartphone and it goes bad? Concerns are solved! With this Troubleshooting chapter, you know where to go when you encounter a problem using the ZTE Blade A3 Joy.

This chapter contains many answers and tips regarding your difficulties. You can try to fix them with those, and if there is no progress, you can call the closest contact services to repair your phone.

Download User Manual

That is all the glimpse we can show you at the moment. It’s not limited to only those all. There is more than that. If you are not satisfied and keen to know more about it, we prepared something for you. Here, we provided a download link for you to have a full PDF. You can read from anywhere and anytime you want.

Download: ZTE Blade A3 Joy User Manual (PDF)