Unimax U696CL Review (Assurance Wireless)

The Unimax U696CL review will discover all of the device’s features. With this, you will discover the simple specifications behind the free prices.

Unimax U696CL Review

Everyone needs a smartphone. No exceptions. Even people with low incomes also need that. In this situation, you must wonder what device can be a decent smartphone.

Most people aren’t aware of the presence of the Unimax U696CL smartphone. Little did you know, this phone offers some functionalities that would be perfect for your daily life, whether for work, school, or just a communication device for connecting with people daily.

In this Unimax U696CL review, we will discover the device’s strengths and weaknesses. Not only their existing features but also the hidden ones. Ensure you are fully concentrated while reading the review, so you won’t skip any important information.

Key Specs

Unimax U696CL key specifications:

Dimensions155.9 x 74 x 10.5mm
OSAndroid 11
Screen size5.45-inch
Resolution480 x 960
Battery2,300mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP
Front camera2MP
FeaturesHearing Aid Compatibility M4/T3


Unimax U696CL
Unimax U696CL

Old-school design. That’s our first impression every time we see the Unimax U696CL smartphone’s design. It has an overall dimension of 155.9 x 74 x 10.5mm with a weight of 182g, making the device feel small yet comfortable to hold.

The big gap between the bezels and the front camera embedded in the bezel is a type of an old smartphone. This phone is applied with this design, making it boring to look at. The huge bezels are unnecessary, especially for the bottom area, since there aren’t any buttons on it.

On the back, the black doff case becomes the vocal color on the Unimax U696CL smartphone. But honestly, nothing special we can see on this side. The other showcased components are the single rear camera and an LED flash.

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The Unimax U696CL is an entry-level smartphone that satisfies us with its decent 5.45-inch display screen size. We are comfortable with the screen size since it accommodates our basic needs like messaging, sending emails, etc.

Nevertheless, as you can see, this phone doesn’t have a cinematic-view experience which is quite disappointing since we can’t enjoy watching the movie at max. The 18:6 aspect ratio can’t help us experience a better view.

Even worse, the Unimax U696CL only has a 480 x 960 pixels resolution – a low screen resolution standard in their class. With this, you can only enjoy an FWVGA (Full Wide Video Graphic Array) quality. The graphics aren’t showing any great. Pixelated and blurred content can be found everywhere.

The good part of the Unimax U696CL screen is it already comes with a capacitive touch screen which allows you to multi-touch the screen.


The Unimax U696CL camera also doesn’t do any good work. This phone only has two cameras on its smartphone; one at the front and the other at the back as a rear camera. Both of them are just a bare minimum resolution, though.

First, we will discuss their main camera, which is the rear one. Their rear camera has a 5MP resolution, which is not a great quality for today’s standard. The output will be hardly photogenic. It didn’t go well. The quality is off and dull. Thanks for the LED flash. At least you will get a brighter picture while taking it in the dark,

The front camera did the same – even worse, the quality is only 2MP resolution. With this, you can only get a practical output. Even for selfies, the camera can’t bring up the best quality.


With a low camera quality, you won’t need the large storage of the Unimax U696CL smartphone. Their internal storage only consists of 16GB capacity. Even if you look more, the actual size will decrease to 11GB overall. Some preinstalled apps and system storage are responsible for this.

To solve this problem, try to regularly clean the unimportant or unwanted files on your phone or save them into your cloud files. Yes, it is inconvenient for some reasons, but you can always get your personal files packed by doing this.

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As we said earlier, the Unimax U696CL is an entry-level smartphone. It means their performance is very limited, especially if you’re compared with the other smartphone. But just like any other device, this phone has RAM storage under the hood.

RAM is short from Random Access Memory. Here is where the phone’s traffic will be stored on your phone. The Unimax U696CL only has 2GB of RAM capacity, which is a bare minimum for a low-cost smartphone.

With 2GB RAM, you can still access some files, but not the large ones. Every time you open a super intense app, the device will start getting slower, decreasing performance. Not only that, but this phone also shows glitches when you’re opening some apps simultaneously. So, we don’t recommend you do that.

The Unimax U696CL smartphone has Android 11 as its operating system by default. This version is not the latest one but don’t worry. You can still get some updated versions with this phone.

Moreover, Android 11 is still packed with nice improvements to its predecessors. For instance, this version gives you full control over your conversations and notifications’ privacy. It also has optimized performance with a modern user interface.

There are several default sensors on the Unimax U696CL smartphone, including the accelerometer, gravity, proximity, and many more. Those have different purposes that may be useful for you. For example, the accelerometer and gravity sensors work in tandem to track your directions while using the navigation app.

The most interesting feature of this phone is the Emergency Alert Messages. With this feature, you can get alerts from governments, public county officials, or National Weather Service every time there are some national urges or force major happens.


4G LTE still becomes the primary network connectivity for the Unimax U696CL smartphone. This connection is still accessible worldwide, and most importantly, it works fast and is stable in most areas. Wi-Fi is also available as a substitute for those who don’t like using your personal data.

Transferring any data with the Unimax U696CL is also super easy because of Bluetooth and USB Type-C cable. Bluetooth is wireless connectivity to share your personal files or connect with other devices. USB Type-C can transfer files with your device to a computer with a wire.


The Unimax U696CL battery is also not something we’re impressed with. It has only a 2,300mAh battery capacity to power up the device. Not gonna lie. With this capacity, you can’t expect the battery to last longer until the end of the day.

A removable battery type also becomes a drawback. As we’ve experienced with this type, it is more prone to break than the others. Besides, the removable battery is very hard to find for this day, so it is inconvenient for you if your battery goes broken.


We closed the Unimax U696CL review by saying this phone is quite okay for everyday activities. If you’re using this phone as a communication device, it’s no hassle. The performance is standard for some modest tasks. Android 11 helps much with this case.

However, it is different when you use the device for more than the practical ones. The camera is not supported for your daily selfies. The battery can’t let you stay on with the device until the end of the day. Worse, with the display spec, you can’t expect a better quality every time you watch your favorite video. But that’s all. In the end, you know what you need.

Unimax U696CL Pros:

  • Free smartphone
  • Android 11
  • Modest device

Unimax U696CL Cons:

  • Small battery capacity
  • Low camera quality
  • Low display resolutions