NUU A9L Review: Affordable Smartphone with Cinematic View Experience

Looking for an affordable smartphone with a massive display that can give you a cinematic view experience? How about reading this NUU A9L review?

NUU A9L Review

A device under $100 with impressive features like a massive display and huge RAM is not hard to find. The NUU A9L smartphone can be one of your choices when looking for specific specs and features for your everyday duties.

The NUU A9L is an entry-level smartphone that offers simplicity and practicality simultaneously. It packs interesting features you can try on later after buying the device. One of the selling points is their 6.3-inch display screen and 3GB RAM. But what is more on the inside?

We’re happy to tell you that we will explore the NUU A9L smartphone deeper than ever. In this review, we cover what you can see on the surface and below that. Bare with us to know the inside and outside of the device.

Key Specs

NUU A9L key specifications:

Dimensions159 x 76.7 x 9.8mm
OSAndroid 12 Go Edition
Screen size6.3-inch
Resolution480 x 1014
ProcessorMediaTek MT6739
CPUQuad-core (4×1.5GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery3,000mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP + 0.3MP
Front camera2MP



As expected, the NUU A9L smartphone presents us with an average modern design that you can see on most smartphones nowadays. The dimension of this device is 159 x 76.7 x 9.8mm, which is nice and ergonomic. It doesn’t feel bulky and is comfortable to hold in our hands.

The front design contributes a rectangular shape with rounded edges. A huge display screen comes impressively with small bezels around. It gives us a touch of premium-looking. The camera is a tear-drop style which gives us more room to enjoy the screen better.

The back area of the NUU A9L also does not disappoint us. This area displays the two cameras with two LED flashes in one rectangular shape. Not far from this, there is an NUU big flashy logo in the central part. This phone has two color options; Indigo Blue and Charcoal Black.

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The NUU A9L screen display size can be its major selling point. As an entry-level smartphone, this device is quite generous in giving us a huge 6.3-inch screen to enjoy all of the phone’s features. Our fingers will be pretty much satisfied with the size since we can freely walk around the screen to navigate.

Sadly, the quality is not supported by the screen size. The NUU A9L only gives us a 480 x 1014 pixels resolution. With this kind of specs, every time we zoom in and out of the screen, it will become pixelated, and the content’s quality will be off.

Even though the screen ratio is 19:9 – perfect for us, the quality is not something we are proud of. The display is quite off, the details won’t come smoothly, and the colors are inaccurate.


The NUU A9L smartphone has a dual camera on its back, but this setup has another downside. Their main camera comes with a 5MP resolution, a standard quality that we can find in an entry-level smartphone. And the other camera is only VGA quality. This quality is way older and not even used today.

The other thing about their rear camera is its dual LED flash. With dual LED flash, we hope a brighter output emerges every time we take in the dark. But actually, we don’t see the use of this spec choice.

On the other side, the front camera has a 2MP quality. Again, a bare minimum. Yes, you can still take a selfie here and there in your daily life, but it is not that good. So the question is, is this camera Instagram – worthy? Absolutely no.


The NUU A9L smartphone is installed with 32GB of internal storage. Actually, it is a huge capacity for a budget phone. You can store plenty of your personal files and install many handfuls of apps. However, mind this, the actual size is not close to 32GB. The final space for you is around 20GB after all the preinstalled apps and system files.

Some of you may not find this convenient enough for a smartphone. Thankfully there is another way to solve the problem; by installing an external card. You can get a MicroSD card into the device up to 512GB and save more pictures and videos of your precious memories.

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The NUU A9L uses a Quad-core MediaTek MT6739 as its brain to operate all of the phone’s functions. The chipset runs on 1.5GHz. It is a standard spec found in almost all affordable smartphones. It is not a bad chipset since it can perform better at a certain point before reaching the limit.

The 3GB RAM makes a great combo to provide users day-to-day operations. Launching apps is quick, although sometimes we notice a delay when opening an intense app. The NUU A9L also can handle multitasking quite well. So far, we haven’t experienced any crashes. Still, indeed the performance drops drastically when many apps are open in the background.

This RAM is not built for heavy gaming apps that have intense graphics. We insist you keep the device well-maintained to prevent the performance from getting laggy, and it can still deliver reliable quality.

The NUU A9L is supported by Android 12 Go Edition software. It is strapped with a lighter Android version to accommodate a more smooth and more seamless experience with the device. This is a common operating system in most entry-level smartphones, proving reliable for users.

Android 12 Go Edition can launch the apps 30% faster and smoother with the less waiting-blank screen. This Android also comes with a longer battery life and more intelligent features.

This phone’s sensor is lacking, with only an accelerometer on the list. There is also no security sensor like a fingerprint reader here. I’m disappointed since nowadays we need extra security for our devices.


The NUU A9L lets us connect with the world with its 4G LTE connectivity. It gives us speedy internet connections and has VoLTE (Voice LTE) technology that offers a clear and smooth voice call. Wi-Fi connectivity can help you stay connected to the internet if there is no data around.

This phone has other necessary connectivity features such as Bluetooth, GPS, and MicroUSB. As you know, Bluetooth seamlessly sends all your files to other devices. Meanwhile, a MicroUSB can be a perfect transfer wire to a computer.


The 3,000mAh removable battery installed on the NUU A9L can meet the demand of today’s smartphone. This size is slightly bigger than its predecessors. It can last until the end of the day. However, you need to ensure to not force the device and make it exhausted because the battery life cycle will drop eventually.

The removable battery can be a burden for the device. This battery type is not familiar to this day. It will be very inconvenient to get the change when your battery is not in good condition anymore.


In this NUU A9L review, this phone is a good option for the budget-conscious with its price point of $90. With such a price, you can bring a smartphone with a massive cinematic-view display screen, huge RAM, and spacious internal storage.

However, you can look at another smartphone around if you have more budget. This gadget has some downside features, including its bad camera quality, low screen quality, and lack of security sensors.

NUU A9L Pros:

  • Big screen size
  • Spacious internal storage

NUU A9L Cons:

  • Bad camera quality
  • Low screen quality
  • Lack security sensors