NUU A10L Review: Reliable Smartphone With Android Go

Nothing fancy, but need a reliable smartphone for anywhere you go? Consider this phone after reading the NUU A10L review. Is it a yay or nay?

NUU A10L Review

What do you expect when you are getting a new smartphone? The exquisite screen experience? The great camera’s output? Or a blazing performance speed? Actually, there is a wide choice of those kinds of gadgets.

However, some of us want an advanced smartphone with all the up-to-date features. Still, some of us also need a reliable gadget that can be packed into our essential daily routines. Simplicity is beyond everything.

Suppose you have an eye for a simple yet modest smartphone for your productivity. Then we suggest you take a look at this article review. We considerately put all our immersive journey with this gadget into this article, so you will be familiar with what you will get here.

Key Specs

NUU A10L key specifications:

Dimensions150 x 71.3 x 10mm
OSAndroid 11 Go Edition
Screen size5.45-inch
Resolution480 x 960
ProcessorMediaTek MT6739
CPUQuad-core (4×1.3GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery2,500mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP
Front camera2MP



The first stop is the NUU A10L design appearance. Their overall looks are not very amusing. The moment we hold the phone, it is bulky and quite heavy. It is because their dimensions are not ergonomic-wise. It has dimensions of 150 x 71.3 x 10mm. It is thick, like a block.

Guess from the design, it still has an outdated and boring look that reminds us of a smartphone from five years ago. It comes with a stiff rectangular shape with rounded edges. Look at the front area. The top and bottom bezel has a large useless gap that leaves nothing, but the camera at the top is still embedded in the bezel.

There is also nothing special on the back of the NUU A10L smartphone. It just comes with a single camera and LED flash along the way at the phone’s center in vertical lines. Then, there goes the NUU big logo that is honestly quite flashy for us.

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A 5.45-inch display screen comes to accommodate the NUU A10L viewing experience. This is a standard size for most entry-level smartphones. You can watch the video, text a long paragraph, and scroll over your social media satisfyingly.

The problem is the display screen quality. It has only 480 x 960 pixel resolutions. Let us tell you, it is not good quality, to begin with. Especially for medium screen size, the quality will make your phone’s contents drop.

With those resolutions, the least screen quality you can get is an FWVGA+. If you are unfamiliar with that, the quality is below an HD. The most noticeable drawbacks are their ‘off’ color accuracy and some pixelated content every time you stretch the screen for zoom-in.


The camera becomes essential, but what if the quality is not near what we expect? This is what happens on the NUU A10L smartphone. We tried to understand not to put our expectations high with an entry-level smartphone. Still, actually, this is below the bare minimum nowadays.

This phone has two cameras, at the front and at the back. First, we will talk about the back camera, which is the main one. This rear camera comes with a 5MP. Again, it is a standard quality you can get, but plus one, it is built with auto-focus features and LED flash. Thank God we can still have a good picture at night.

The front camera is another thing we should compromise. It has only a 2MP resolution for you to take any selfie. But.. that’s it. Nothing more. The megapixels are also not impressive enough for us.


The NUU A10L smartphone has 16GB of internal storage but reduces the amount with the phone’s systems and other preloaded apps. The least you can get with the storage is around 11GB. It is not that big, especially if you’re into photography and other entertainment.

Worry not. The good news is the NUU A10L has alternatives for you to get the space bigger. First, clear unwanted files regularly or move them into the cloud for safer storage.

Another tip is to buy a MicroSD card. This phone allows you to put an external card of up to 64GB into the slot to make the device more spacious, and you can store as many files as you want again.


As mentioned, the NUU A10L is an entry-level smartphone, so you won’t find super-fast performance. Instead, with the Quad-core MediaTek MT6739 as the processor, the device will deliver a decent yet efficient performance.

This processor comes at 1.3GHz clock speed to run everything inside the device. This also comes together with 2GB RAM, a bare minimum capacity for an affordable smartphone.

Those specs above ensure the phone’s operations keep on track and give us as smooth as possible phone’s journey. Despite everything, there are some things you need to consider regarding a low-performance smartphone. You can’t multitask. The device will get slower every time you open some apps simultaneously.

The software choice of the NUU A10L smartphone is Android 11 Go Edition. For those who have never heard of this, this Android OS is a lightweight version of the original one. Being a light version means there are some limitations you will face.

Android 11 Go Edition is a common operating system on an entry-level smartphone. It makes the app launch 30% faster. Even though the features inside are not as advanced as the original one, the built-in apps such as Google Go, Gallery Go, and Assistant Go will ensure you get the accessibility you want.

As a smartphone, the NUU A10L is equipped with many sensors. Inside are G-Sensors, Proximity, Ambient Light, and Vibrator sensors. They all have different purposes and can improve the phone’s experience.


Users of the NUU A10L smartphone can enjoy communication access by using the 4G LTE connectivity. The voice call experience will be as crystal clear as ever. The internet experience will be fast, smooth, and stable.

Good news for busy people, this phone comes with a dual SIM slot. Now you can spare your phone numbers; one for personal, and the other for business or work-related. Wi-Fi is also available if you have no mobile data connection.

Suppose you want to transfer your pictures, videos, or music to other devices; bluetooth comes to the rescue. This connectivity also can be used for connecting your NUU A10L to other Bluetooth devices, such as a headset, speaker, etc.


The NUU A10L smartphone uses a 2,500mAh removable battery as the power source. Even for an entry-level smartphone, the battery size is smaller than average. However, this phone can be more efficient thanks to Android Go as its applicable OS.

The battery performance is mixed. It can last until the end of the day. But as we expect from any smartphone with a low-size battery, the battery will drain quickly every time you get heavier with the tasks. Even sometimes, you need to charge the device twice a day.


Before we begin the verdict of this NUU A10L review, we will give you the price information. This phone costs $100, a reasonable price for an entry-level smartphone. But are these phone features worth buying?

Even though the device has an average size with a decent display screen size, the old-school design and the screen quality can’t fulfill that specs. The phone’s camera is also not amusing for us – who are selfie-goers. You must feel the same toward the device if you are like us. However, the end is up to you to decide.

NUU A10L Pro:

  • Decent screen size
  • Android 11 Go Edition

NUU A10L Cons:

  • Old school design
  • Low screen quality
  • Low camera quality