Cricket / AT&T Turbo Hotspot 2 User Manual

A summary of the Cricket / AT&T Turbo Hotspot 2 (CT2MHS01) user manual will help you discover the features inside and how to set them up. Make sure to read it carefully.

ATT Turbo Hotspot 2 User Manual

Other than using a data connection to access the internet, you can have another option, like a hotspot device. It gives a reliable network connection whenever and wherever you are. It’s a perfect pair for smartphones.

The Cricket / AT&T Turbo Hotspot 2 is a hotspot device that will give you a better internet experience. Suppose it’s your first time having this device. In that case, it’s your calling to learn everything in one comprehensive document, just like the user manual.

The Cricket / AT&T Turbo Hotspot 2 (CT2MHS01) user manual will be available in the box when you buy the product. This manual is crucial because it is packed with useful information, from getting started with the device to knowing every single feature. Just read it through.

Download User Manual

First, we will kindly give you the download link just in case you don’t want to read the sneak peek of the Cricket / AT&T Turbo Hotspot 2 user manual. However, if you want to have an overview of the document. Then go on with this article.

➡️ Download Cricket / AT&T Turbo Hotspot 2 User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

The starter kick before using your new AT&T Turbo Hotspot 2 is to get familiar with all of the device’s parts and buttons. This chapter captures it all perfectly with understandable layouts and descriptions.

Setting Up Your Mobile Hotspot

You need to set up some functions to use the AT&T Turbo Hotspot 2 device. In this chapter, you will get information about inserting the SIM card and charging the battery fully and properly. You can also learn about how to turn on the device as well.

Display Layout and Screens

The mobile hotspot device is not an ‘in’ gadget for everyone. If it’s your first time having this device, you may have some difficulties with its display layout and screens. This chapter will inform you what the display layout and screens contained are. Maybe you will find hidden features here.

There are five different screens on the AT&T Turbo Hotspot 2 device that you will learn about in this chapter. A home screen, message screen, device details screen, Wi-Fi info screen, and more setting screen.

Connecting to the Internet

As we know, the mobile hotspot device is supposed to support a connection to the internet network. This chapter is an essential part of the user manual because we will learn how to use the device for its main purposes.

There are three ways to connect to the internet. Connect via a basic way, connect via a WPS button, and connect via tethering. Those all can be learned easily in this chapter with easy-to-read instructions.

Online WebUI Manager: Managing Wi-Fi Settings

The AT&T Turbo Hotspot 2 has a virtual dashboard to manage the device settings and features. It is called the Online WebUI Manager. This chapter will cover one of the virtual dashboards, especially the Managing Wi-Fi Settings.

This chapter will teach you how to change the Wi-Fi log-in credentials, disable a Wi-Fi network, and change the maximum number of connected devices. Moreover, you can also learn about how to view all the connected devices and connect a device via WebUI WPS.

That’s all the information we can provide in the Cricket / AT&T Turbo Hotspot 2 user manual. It’s only a small sneak peek of an extensive document. But, there is no better way than reading the full one. If you want to read the full document, you can download the PDF above.