AT&T Motivate 2 (EA211002) User Manual

AT&T Motivate 2 user manual contains all the related information regarding the device you need to learn. It will be very useful and reliable.

ATT Motivate 2 User Manual

The moment you get your AT&T Motivate 2 smartphone, have you ever wondered what the features are tucked in? From the outside, this phone doesn’t have an amazing view. But what about the inside parts?

Luckily, it doesn’t take all day long to find out what the AT&T Motivate 2 features and functions are. That’s why there is a user manual available in the box.

Let’s sneak peek at some chapters inside the AT&T Motivate 2 (EA211002) user manual. You can download the full document below if this document gives you some spark.

Download User Manual

This part lets you download the full AT&T Motivate 2 user manual. You can leave it here if you don’t need a glimpse. But, if you need a big idea for each chapter, it’s better to scroll down the page.

➡️ Download AT&T Motivate 2 User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

The first chapter of the manual shouldn’t be skipped. It’s an introductory part where you can learn about the AT&T Motivate 2 parts and functions. It comes in a diagram style, so you will understand it easily.

You will also learn how to set up your smartphone with easy-to-read tutorials. How to use the battery, install a SIM and SD card, use the touch screen, and so on.

Basic Operations

After you’ve learned about the device parts and before you get more professional with the AT&T Motivate 2 smartphone then you need to go to this second chapter of the manual. The Basic Operations chapter is where you’ll find some basic setups.

These are included changing the phone’s screen orientations, accessing the Apps lists and controlling the Apps. You will also get information regarding the phone’s airplane mode, and keyboard settings.

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Making Connections

Max out the main use of the AT&T Motivate 2 smartphone to stay connected with your loved ones with some connection features. This chapter is the best start to learning it all.

Do you want to make a call? Add or edit the contacts? Do you want to send texts and messages? Access the internet? Or do you need to access some connectivity features? This chapter is divided into some sub-chapters that are worth reading.

Apps and Entertainment

The AT&T Motivate 2 comes with some apps that have different purposes. In this chapter, you will see some apps in three different sub-chapters. First, the camera and video subchapter will tell you how to operate the camera’s features.

A productivity subchapter also contains information about the calendar, navigation apps, Google Search, calculator, and clock. The last one is the entertainment and activities subchapter showing you about Youtube.


Have everything in-line with your preference and taste by setting it all on the settings. Do you know the features available in settings and how to use or configure them? Then, you’re on the right road.

The Settings chapter is where all configurations can be changed. Start by setting up some basic features, activate the network and internet, or get connected with other devices. Moving on to setting up the apps and notifications and managing the battery. You can also change the display and sound and activate the privacy and security settings here.

Getting Help

The last chapter of the AT&T Motivate 2 user manual will cover the information about troubleshooting tips. If, in the future, your device starts showing any crashes or errors, don’t rush to customer services. Instead, you can try to read this chapter as first aid.

Here it comes; the end parts of the AT&T Motivate 2 user manual. As we said before, it’s not the complete version of the manual. We just give you a little glimpse in the hope you’ll get an overview of the document. You can check the information above if you want to read the full version.