AT&T Calypso 2 (U319AA) User Manual

The AT&T Calypso 2 user manual is the best and most in-depth guide for knowing the phone’s inside and outs. We advise you to read this must-read document.

ATT Calypso 2 User Manual

The user manual is the first document you should go to every time you own a new device. Why? Because it’s perfect for assisting you through the phone’s journey. It will discover–not only the surface but also what the phone’s underneath are.

The AT&T Calypso 2 (U319AA) user manual works the same as we said before. It’s the first go-to document to understand the device. Even though it’s not your first smartphone or first AT&T device. It’s never wrong to make sure everything is known.

Since not everyone is a fan of reading a technical document, we help you by minimizing the user manual contents to be as easy to read as possible for all of you. It’s your turn to give a little time to read this summary.

Download User Manual

Before we discuss the AT&T Calypso 2 user manual, we will provide you with the download link. If you don’t feel like reading the sneak peek and want to immediately go into the full one, then you can download it on the link above.

➡️ Download AT&T Calypso 2 User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

Like most manuals, it starts with a guide to the device. The AT&T Calypso 2 user manual also has this dedicated chapter. In this first chapter, you will get an introduction to the device, along with the phone’s parts and functions.

Besides, there is a guide about the battery and installing the SIM and MicroSD card. And you can also learn about the phone’s touch screen.

Basic Operations

The next chapter discusses some basic operations on the AT&T Calypso 2 smartphone. There are explanations about the home screen, app lists, and the phone’s settings menu.

You can also learn about the phone’s screen orientations and how to capture screenshots. The AT&T Calypso 2 comes in many keyboard options. All of them can be found here.

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Making Connections

Stay in touch with your family and friends by using some connection options. This chapter will discuss what those are and what each function is. First, you’ll get the most basic communication channel; a phone. It’ll show how to use a phone feature on the AT&T Calypso 2. There is also information about the phone’s contacts and messages.

The next part is where you get the information about how to connect with the internet and network. You can learn about Chrome Browser and Facebook. Lastly, you will learn about other connectivity such as USB Type-C, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.

Apps and Entertainments

The AT&T Calypso 2 has many applications inside; productivity and entertainment apps. As a smartphone with a camera, this chapter will give you information about the phone camera’s features and how to take a picture and record a video.

The productivity apps will help you to boost your daily tasks. You can learn about the calendar, navigation apps, Google Maps, Google Go, calculator, and clock. The entertainment app has Youtube information.


Do you want to change the phone’s display and sound? Do you want to activate the internet and other networks as well? Or do you want to access the privacy and security settings to make your phone more secure?

All of those inquiries will be answered in this Settings chapter. It has information about how to easily set and configure them.

A glimpse of the AT&T Calypso 2 user manual is ended here. Because of the limited space, we can’t put everything here. So, that’s better if you download the full user manual to know what you can do with the AT&T Calypso 2.