TLC 20 XE Review: All Rounder at Affordable Price

The TLC 20 XE is a budget phone that delivers an excellent, fast and responsive experience. With a beautiful HD+ display and incredible battery life, the TLC 20 XE is the perfect all-rounder.

TCL 20 XE Reviews

TLC 20 XE smartphone was released in October 2021. This smartphone is worth considering if you want to buy a reliable gadget at a reasonable price.

TLC 20 XE is a smartphone-based Android operating system that offers comprehensive and up-to-date features. This gadget is powered by a 2.0GHz Octa-core for your main consideration. The main highlight features are 3GB RAM, triple cameras, large battery capacity, and the latest version of Android 11.

However, there are a few things to consider if you want to buy a TLC 20 XE smartphone. The low price offered results in compromises that you must be prepared to accept. The storage size, which is only 32GB, is considered irrelevant to current technological advances. You’ll need to add a MicroSD card if you want to install lots of apps or store lots of photos and videos.

For more details, this TLC 20 XE review will present the pros and cons points. The following essential information will be useful to you when making a purchasing decision.

Key Specs

TLC 20 XE specifications:

Dimensions165 x 75 x 8.9mm
OSAndroid 11
Screen size6.5-inch
Resolution1600 x 720
CPU2.0GHz Octa-core, MediaTek Helio P22
Battery5,000mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera13MP + 2MP + 2MP
Front camera5MP
FeaturesFingerprint Reader, Fast Charging



The TCL 20 XE sports the popular elongated design with curved corners. This smartphone does not have excessive accents. Comes with dimensions of 165 x 75 x 8.9mm, this phone is shaped to suit those who want to experience full multimedia. In addition, the weight of this smartphone is still reasonable, namely 195g.

The TCL 20 XE’s sleek design is ideal for a comfortable grip in your hand and fingerprint resistance. You can see how the TCL 20 XE features a single LED flash to provide light when taking photos.

This budget phone has a lightweight plastic material that makes it comfortable to carry anywhere. Due to the affordable price, this phone does not have additional features such as shock resistance and water resistance.


TCL 20 XE Display

The TCL 20 XE comes with a 6.5-inch screen. The ideal size for enjoying multimedia content. For the budget phone category, the TCL 20 XE does well in the screen size sector. HD resolution of 1600 x 720 is still decent.

With a resolution of 720p, the screen provides a quality display that can be considered sufficient because of its widescreen size. However, you will still enjoy stunning visuals with a cinematic feel because it is supported by NXTVISION. The adaptive display technology of the TCL 20 XE reduces eye strain and improves on-screen image quality.

Do not have high expectations with the HD screen on the TCL 20 XE smartphone. Especially if you are used to staring at Full HD IPS or Super AMOLED screens. Its brightness and sharpness are still acceptable for a budget phone.

The screen size of 6.5 inches will probably provide the full experience for enjoying multimedia such as watching Youtube or Netflix. However, its large size will require a large amount of space in your pockets and bags.

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TCL 20 XE Camera

The TCL 20 XE is equipped with three modern cameras. You will get a 13MP Artificial Intelligence (AI) main camera with a 2MP macro lens and a 2MP depth lens. These three cameras will provide a great accent to get memorable moments that are more vivid.

The main camera has a good resolution to take vivid photos. The depth camera with 2MP resolution allows you to produce artistic bokeh photos. Focus can be adjusted on subjects with blurred backgrounds. Furthermore, the 2MP Super Macro camera allows you to shoot quality images up close.

This budget phone is also equipped with an LED flash to provide stronger lighting, especially if you want to take pictures at night. Due to the small number of LED flashes, photos at night will produce quite a lot of noise. For daytime, the AI ​​feature on the triple camera will be very helpful for targeting objects with precision.

The TCL 20 XE features a 5MP front camera that is decent enough for video calls or conferences. The front camera carries a V-Notch design that will not interfere with your user experience.

In conclusion, the TCL 20 XE camera is still reliable for everyday shooting. Of course, this budget phone is not for photography enthusiasts. The same consequence does not apply to video quality capture. This camera can take video up to 1080p HD with the stop motion feature.


The TCL 20 XE smartphone comes with 32GB of storage. Cameras that can shoot 1080 HD videos will take up more storage space. You will get 23 GB available to users; this storage space is relatively small for now.

Narrow storage space does not allow large-size applications to be installed on this phone. You will often get notifications full storage which is very annoying.

However, luckily this phone offers storage expansion. There is an external storage slot up to 512GB capacity. This big capacity is ample to add more space to this phone.


TCL 20 XE Side View

The TCL 20 XE runs on the MediaTek Helio P22 2.0GHz Octa-core chipset. This CPU is quite decent enough to run daily tasks. This CPU is combined with 3GB of RAM to run standard applications.

Under new conditions, the TCL 20 XE can run and switch between applications quite smoothly. Essential tasks such as web browsers and social media can be run quite well. However, you need to pay attention to the RAM capacity of only 3GB is not suitable for running more than 10 applications simultaneously.

This is a logical consequence when you use a budget phone. Torturing this entry-level chipset is not wise. TCL 20 XE is not a gaming smartphone that can smoothly run heavy games like Genshin Impact. What you can do is make calls, chat, update status on social media, and surf the internet using a web browser.

TCL 20 XE has an Android 11 operating system with a standard TLC interface, TCL UI 3.0. This user interface offers a simple and clean interface with an attractive visual appearance. You can personalize the privacy options, appearance, and multitasking features.

Like other Android smartphones, the “OK Google” feature is also present on this phone. This feature puts the power back into your hands in calling friends, surfing the web, launching apps, and other important tasks with just your voice.

Quick access and security features with a rear Fingerprint sensor and Face Unlock make this a budget phone worth considering. This feature is quite responsive and useful for the convenience of using the phone.

The TCL 20 XE also comes with many other useful features. Multitasking on a budget phone has never been easier with Split Screen and Floating Window modes. You can enjoy two app contents simultaneously on a large screen. You are free to stream, send messages, and surf the internet simultaneously.


From the connectivity aspect, as a budget phone, of course, the 5G feature is not yet present. The TCL 20 XE is still running on 4G network frequencies. 4G connectivity is still reliable for making phone calls with a clear voice for current needs. The internet speed is quite fast and stable.

The TCL 20 XE certainly features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi version 5 for adequate connectivity. The superior connectivity feature of this phone is the USB Type-C 18W connector which allows you to charge and transfer files quickly.

This port also supports the USB On-The-Go (OTG) feature, allowing file transfer from a flash device. In essence, the TCL 20 XE has a complete feature in terms of connectivity.


The large battery capacity of the TCL 20 XE makes you feel comfortable. Normal everyday use will be well accommodated. Carrying a massive 5,000 mAh capacity, this budget phone can be used all day with just one charge. The Smart Manager feature will help you optimize power according to your user preferences.

The battery specifications are very impressive because it can provide 27.8 hours of talk time and 696 hours of standby time. You don’t have to worry about running out of power in the middle of the day. Of course, this screen time is greatly influenced by the intensity of your use. If you play games more intensely, the battery will be measured faster when compared to using social media.

Is the TCL 20 XE a good phone?

The TCL 20 XE is designed for consumers who want an all-rounder smartphone at an affordable price. All of the up-to-date features are well offered by this phone. When buying this budget phone, basic functionality with a simple and elegant appearance can be your main consideration.

The phone retails for a starting price of $120. However, you can buy this phone for $60 after the discount. The Android 11 operating system with a widescreen makes this worth phone buying. Other essential features are USB Type-C connectivity, triple AI cameras, and a large battery capacity.

Although there are shortcomings in the aspect of screen sharpness and small internal storage, this TCL 20 XE review shows that it is still attractive to the consumer segment that wants to get everything at a reasonable price. If you need an all-in-one phone with a big screen and big battery, then the TCL 20 XE is ideal for you.

TCL 20 XE Pros:

  • Fingerprint reader
  • Triple AI cameras
  • Android 11
  • Large battery
  • Fast Charging

TCL 20 XE Cons:

  • Low screen resolution
  • Small internal storage