TCL A30 User Manual

Discover the right way to adjust and customize your phone with comprehensive guidance from the TCL A30 user manual. You can try to download the full document later.

TCL A30 User Manual

What do you usually do after unboxing your new phone? Try it immediately? Or do you just look at it because you don’t know what to do? You better have everything in place to avoid any misuse. To do that, you need assistance, and the user manual is the perfect document.

Fortunately, the user manual comes in the box. It helps you to go through the phone and find out if there are any inquiries regarding the phone. We know the user manual is such a boring document. However, you need to know a lot of valuable information.

We make it easy for you to understand the TCL A30 user manual by summarizing it. This article compiles everything on the document with non-technical words. After you get the overview, you can download the document at the end.

Your Mobile

Different phone brands come with different layout designs. This first chapter is considered an introductory section of the user manual. It comes with the layout page and the phone’s illustration to locate each key and connector.

Importantly, this chapter shows the initial settings to set up the device, such as inserting the SIM card and navigating the home screens.

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Text Input

This chapter is dedicated to a new touch-screen user. The text input mechanism may be difficult and confusing for some of you. Like it or not, the TCL A30 user manual is already equipped with a touch-screen. So, you should get adapted this way.

In this chapter, you will learn how to adjust the on-screen keyboard settings. There are also explanations of having a Google Keyboard and how to do text editing.


The TCL A30 smartphone comes with an 8MP single rear camera. Even though it is not the best, you can get. You can still make a beautiful picture or record a video with this. You can also maximize all Camera features to have better results.

Discover all you need to know about the camera. Start with how to take a picture and how to take a video. You can also learn about using the camera modes and settings.

Getting Connected

Nowadays, there is no way to separate your life with internet connections. Hence, getting your phone connected to the network is the first thing you need to do. The user manual comes to the rescue! It’s gonna help you connect with the network in an instant.

Besides that, this chapter has information about other connectivity, including Bluetooth, computer connection, VPN, and mobile hotspots.

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Google Applications

There are tons of Google applications on the TCL A30 smartphone. Not gonna lie. Those all kinda confuse some users since there are many apps they are not familiar with yet.

Thankfully, this chapter will explore all of the Google pre-installed apps. There are Playstore, Chrome, Maps, Youtube, Drive, YT Music, Play Music & Video, Duo, and Photos.


Do you want to activate the network and other connectivity? Are you not satisfied with the display screens? Do you want to make adjustments with sounds and gestures? Please let us introduce you to the Settings menu.

This chapter is the perfect part to answer all of your inquiries above. This part lets you learn how to make your phone more secure.

Download User Manual

This article only covered the surface of the TCL A30 user manual. There is still much information you have not seen yet. Are you ready to know what is going on in the full document? Let’s download the file in this link and read every topic to avoid any unwanted issues.

Download: TCL A30 User Manual (PDF)