Sonim XP3 Plus User Manual

Reveal this phone’s unique features through the Sonim XP3 Plus user manual. This document has detailed instructions and detailed configurations.

Sonim XP3plus User Manual

The user manual in the box doesn’t come without any reason. A manual is a comprehensive document that provides all technical information for users. Hopefully, users can gain useful information before using the device.

It must be boring to read the user manual. However, you can make it easy by clicking through the topic index and looking for your needed information. The topics are already divided into different chapters, making them easy to read.

The Sonim XP3 Plus user manual is a guidebook that comes in a very instructional way. But gladly, we keep everything simple by writing this summary for you. You can have the main idea of the user manual with this document.

Using Your Devices

Start your journey by exploring the phone’s features and functions location. It illustrates the phone area, complete with its labels. Moreover, there are some step-by-step on how to set up the phone.

You can understand how to turn on/off the phone and manage the phone’s home screen. Since the Sonim XP3 Plus is a flip phone, this chapter also tells you about the external display features.

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Home Screen Menu Options

The Sonim XP3 Plus home screen is different from most smartphones. Some people may not recognize it and get confused because of this. Thankfully, this chapter has all the detailed information about the home screen.

On the home screen, there are some options available. You can find out the options and which pages to refer to with this chapter.

Quick Settings

You can have a quick setting with the Sonim XP3 Plus. Learn how to show up in the quick settings menu and what those settings are displayed here.

These settings that can be enabled and disabled are Mobile Hotspots, Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Calling, Data, Bluetooth, Torch, Airplane Mode, and Profile.

Network and Internet Settings

The Sonim XP3 Plus lets you stay connected with your family and friends. The following chapter has information about how to connect with the network. There are some networks available for you.

The networks that can be used are Wi-Fi, Mobile Network, Airplane Mode, Hotspot and Tethering, Data Saver, VPN, and Private DNS. Make sure to read this chapter because the internet is crucial nowadays.

Security Settings

Privacy is an important matter. No excuse. Especially when it comes to a phone. You need to put an extra shield to prevent data stealing or scamming. This chapter is going to help you boost your phone’s security. It has some configurations to protect the phone. There is also Sonim Care–you can control how and when the screen locks.

System Settings

The Sonim XP3 Plus has the ability to set up and adjust the system settings. You will get surprised when you reach out to this chapter. It contains many tutorials for six different settings.

The system you can set up includes the home screen shortcuts, the programmable keys, languages and input, date and time, system update, and reset options.

Sonimware Scout

The Sonim XP3 Plus comes with their official solutions to help users access their own key enterprise features. It is called the Sonimware Scout. This menu may be useful for you, so we advise you to read this chapter thoroughly.

Download User Manual

That is a piece of brief information about the Sonim XP3 Plus user manual to maximize your journey with the device. You can read the document completely with the download link provided below. All the features can be used for your needs, and all the issues can be solved easily.

Download: Sonim XP3 Plus User Manual (PDF)