Sonim XP5s User Manual

Find out how Sonim XP5s user manual can help you get started with the phone. Read the summary and know what to expect before reading the manual.

Sonim XP5s Manual

There’s a reason why manufacturers publish manuals alongside the phone they produce. A manual is official documentation. It provides all the technical information customers need to pay attention to.

When there’s a manual, you won’t need to Google search. All you have to do is open the manual, find the topic through the index, and seek the information you need.

That’s why it’s recommended to read Sonim XP5s user manual. For the owner Sonim XP5s, this manual will help you navigate through the layout and the various configurations of the phone.

It’s a guidebook and very instructional. Here’s the summary of the manual’s sections:

General Information

Start your journey with the manual from the General Information section. It contains guidelines regarding the disposal of the battery and the phone itself. Then you’ll read about how to register your phone. Lastly, make sure you also read the safety guidelines to avoid an accident.

Battery Usage

Still not discussing the phone, Sonim XP5s user manual focuses on the battery first. This section covers all things battery. From inserting and charging, to optimize the battery for longer durability. Don’t miss out on the tips about extending the battery life.

SIM card

Now it’s time for the SIM card to be discussed. Just like the battery, you’ll start with the installation. There’s a very thorough tutorial you can follow, from removing the back cover to install the SIM card. At this point, installing a memory card is optional. But a tutorial is available here just in case you’d like to install an SD card too.

Getting Started

In this Getting Started section, readers will be presented with an overview of the phone specifications. It’s also time to check out whether or not you’ve received everything in the box. Use the checklist under “What is in the Box?” subchapter to find out.

Using the phone

Finally, the manual discusses how to start using the phone. The first topic is how to switch the phone on. Several configurations follow, including first time setup, Home Screen, and key shortcuts.

If you need a reminder on how to use a feature phone’s keypad, this section also covers this matter. The topics included are how to enter a word or a number, and what are the text entry options available.

Sound and Storage settings

Discussing the audio settings available on the phone. See what sound profiles are available (standard, outdoor, etc). If you want to create your own profile, this section also shows you how to do it. Meanwhile, storage covers configuration such as memory usage and how to free up space.


Things get a bit advanced here, so prepare to concentrate. The security section explains configuration such as app-level permissions, location requests, and admin apps. It’s a bit technical, but these are all important features to make your device more secure.


This section concentrates on apps and features that make the phone more accessible for people with disabilities. There are Screen readers and all its settings (e.g. Talkback, speech rate, and pitch). Learn how to activate them by following the instructions written in the manual.

System settings

The System settings section explains the configurations you see inside Settings > System. Learn how to set the Home Screen shortcut and also how to set up a preferred language and date/time. Lastly, know how to display your phone specs using the “About Phone” menu.


For some reason, this user manual put apps in the last part. Here, you finally learn the feature the phone is all about: The communication features. The tutorials available here include all about calling, texting, and managing contacts.

Also, learn other apps such as Music, FM Radio, and the tools app (e.g Clock, Calculator). Camera and Calendar are included in a section called “Other Applications.” The manual also includes Verizon and Sonim-related apps here, such as My Verizon app and the Support app.

Sonim XP5s user manual technically still does not end here. There are bits like End User Agreement, which you can skip as for now. In conclusion, you will find the majority of the information is useful for you.

Download User Manual

Download the manual if you don’t have it yet. The link is provided in this article. Don’t hesitate to ask a question about this manual in the comment section below.

Find out how Sonim XP5s user manual can help you get started with the phone. Read the summary and know what to expect before reading the manual.

Sonim XP5s User Manual (2 MB)

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