NUU Mobile A6L-G User Manual

Spare a moment to take a tour of the NUU Mobile A6L-G user manual. Make this document your assistance to gain some knowledge regarding the device.

NUU A6L G User Manual

NUU Mobile A6L-G is a simple gadget that may not look intimidating to some people. But, not everyone has been familiar with this brand before. That’s why many unknown features and unnoticeable functions need to be discovered before.

The NUU Mobile A6L-G user manual is an accompanying document that includes all the important notes that users need to know. Without this, users will have zero understanding of the product. They will also have no idea how to resolve the problem – just in case of any issues.

We know not everyone is a fan of reading activities, especially if the document contains technical words. To answer this, we are providing you a summary of the user manual. So, you will get the main idea.

A6L – Overview

How do we understand the NUU Mobile A6L-G device without knowing its parts and functions? First off, we will get in touch with the phone’s map. You can see the illustrations of the phone’s front and back, complete with the labels.

Moreover, there is one page dedicated to telling you the key functionalities. It shows users the hard and soft keys available on the phone, including the functions of each part.

Initial Set-Up

Setting up the phone is the first important thing before you start using the NUU Mobile A6L-G smartphone. The smartphone won’t work really well if you skip this part. In the next chapter, you will learn everything you need to know to set up the device.

First of all, you need to set up the SIM card, SD card, and battery. There are five steps to follow the instructions. Once you’ve completed that part, this chapter will bring you to some steps to setting up your device.

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The Settings Menu

There are many settings available on the NUU Mobile A6L-G. If you want to make some changes or adjustments, it is better to read this chapter right away. You will be an expert in no time.

In the Settings Menu chapter, you will know how to find the menu and how to use this menu at best. You can set the Network & Internet, Connected Devices, Apps & Notifications, Battery, Display, Sound, and Storage.

Network & Internet

What is the use of the NUU Mobile A6L-G smartphone if you don’t know how to activate the network and internet? This smartphone allows you to stay connected with your friends and family with network and internet options. Don’t worry. This next chapter affords you insightful information.

Find out what network and internet you can use on this device, complete with the descriptions and how to activate it. Wi-Fi, Mobile Networks, Hotspot & Tethering, VPN, and Airplane Mode.


The phone’s system is complicated. There are a few settings and information that might be useful for you. The System chapter comes to have your back. We recommend you take a look at it seriously.

In this chapter, you will get to know some system menus and settings. Including the Language & Input, Date & Time, Backup, System Update, Reset Options, and About Phone.

Download User Manual

We have reached the end of the summary. Besides that, the NUU Mobile A6L-G still has many important chapters that contain comprehensive information about the device. We advise you to take a little time to read the user manual to fully understand the smartphone. It can also be used to prevent any misuse. You can download the full document with this link.

Download: NUU Mobile A6L-G User Manual (PDF)