TCL 20S User Manual

Need reassurance before buying your next new device? Read the TCL 20S user manual for valuable information about the phone’s specs and features.

TCL 20S User Manual

Getting a new phone is always exciting. Then, to understand the device is very important to read the technical document. There is no better source than the device user manual. It’s very comprehensive, you can find everything with this.

Fortunately, the TCL 20S user manual comes in the box. It will take users through the phone, examine the features and functions and help them if there are any inquiries to be answered. We understand not everyone is a fan of reading the user manual. But trust us, you will get more advantages with this activity.

With this article, we make everything easy for you by summarizing the whole document. We highlighted some important chapters with non-technical words. After that, you can download the full document.


Initially, this chapter discusses some basic information about the TCL 20S smartphone. First, the readers will see the phone’s layout, complete with its labels and explanations about the buttons.

Then, you will see some tutorials on getting started with the smartphone. Includes how to insert the SIM and MicroSD card and charge the battery. The user manual also gives you a pro-tip to maintain the battery lifetime. After that, this chapter will show you the home screen’s maps and the text inputs.

Multimedia Applications

Are you looking for some multimedia apps on the TCL 20S? Do you have any idea about how to operate them as well? This Multimedia Applications chapter will notice some multimedia apps, including the Camera, Gallery, and Music.

In the Camera part, you will learn how to take pictures and videos. There are also full explanations about the camera modes and settings you can use to boost the photography performance.

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Apps and Features

The TCL 20S smartphone has many interesting pre-installed apps and features. Before you learn what those are, it is better to look at this chapter. Luckily, this chapter discusses the available apps on the phone with their descriptions.

At first, you will learn about some basic apps such as Phones, Contacts, Messages, Calendars, Clocks, and Calculators. The next part is telling you about the TCL Apps, NXTVISION. And the last part talks about the Google Application, including Chrome, Gmail, Maps, Youtube, Play Store, Duo, Photos, Google Assistant, and File Manager.


Are you not satisfied with the default settings of the TCL 20S smartphone? This chapter of the user manual will have your back. You can learn how to connect with the internet network and other connectivity.

Moreover, you can also adjust and make some changes to some settings, including the display, sound and vibrations, and buttons and gestures. You can also boost your smartphone’s security with security and privacy settings. There are still a lot of settings to learn. That’s why you need to read the user manual.


When facing problems with your smartphone, don’t get distracted and panic. This last chapter comes to the rescue. The troubleshooting chapter is all you need to help you solve the problems you might face later. Reading this chapter won’t hurt you. Instead, you will get a lot of knowledge with this.

Download User Manual

Here we reach the end of the TCL 20S user manual summary. We only covered the surface of the document, and there is still much information inside. Are you keen to know the details? Are you interested in exploring all of the useful features and functions? Here we go. We will give you the download link, so you can read the document anytime.

Download: TCL 20S User Manual (PDF)