Motorola Moto G7 Supra User Manual

Read Moto G7 Supra user manual for basic guides to advanced configurations. Know how to get around your new phone for better user experience.

Moto G7 Supra User Manual

Getting a new phone is exciting. Many people just go straight using it, but then stuck in the middle because they do not know how to operate it. That is why we suggest you read the manual.

Besides preventing unwanted issues, the manual also guides you on how to run the new device smoothly. Do not let your new phone break just because of ignorance.

Moreover, by reading the manual you might find some features on Moto G7 Supra that you do not know before. It is indeed a useful book.

And do you know that actually, this phone is friendly for the blind? Find the answer on Moto G7 Supra user manual.  Here is the summary of the manual.

Get Started

Not sure where to start on your Moto G7 Supra? This chapter has the answer. It provides information about inserting SIM and microSD cards; charging up and powering the phone on; and signing in to the Google account.

Not only those initial configurations, but this chapter also tells you about connecting your Moto G7 Supra to Wi-Fi and tips about improving the battery life.

Learn the Basics

Do not ignore the basic knowledge of a new device. It is important for you to learn about it. Therefore, you know how to take care of it.

You will learn the basic knowledge of Moto G7 Supra in this chapter. Start from the home screen features to some advanced technology embedded into this phone. Some of the great features are Google Voice and Picture-in-Picture.

Customize Your Phone

Do you want to make your phone appearance more attractive? It is the right time to read this chapter. You will learn how to decorate the Moto G7 Supra home screen. You can choose the apps and widgets you frequently use on the home screen. Besides appearance, you will also learn how to customize sounds.

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This phone already comes with useful apps. In this chapter of Moto G7 Supra user manual, we give you detailed information about the built-in apps. Make the most of them. Moto G7 Supra also has a special feature called Moto. It is designed to save time and ease you to use the phone.

If you need more apps, you can download them on Google Play. Just flip to the pages and learn how to install them. Some apps are paid, but we believe they are totally worth it.

Connect, Share & Sync

This chapter contains a full explanation about how to connect your Moto G7 Supra to Wi-Fi, turn on the Bluetooth, share files with your computer, share your data connection, and even print your photos or documents.

Do you want to access files on a secured network? You can use a VPN. In this Connect, Share & Sync chapter, we also provide you the instructions to configure VPN settings.

Protect Your Phone

A phone is a really privacy thing. You keep your data, photos, videos, contacts, and even emails. They are not something you could share with everyone. That is why you should protect your phone to avoid privacy break-in. This chapter teaches you how to lock your phone, turn off the location, and encrypt your phone.

Moreover, it also gives you tips on how to choose apps that are not from Google Play carefully. Non-Google Play apps tend to bring the virus to your phone. Therefore, you have to follow the instructions carefully.

Make It Blind-Friendly 

Moto G7 Supra is a blind-friendly phone. The blinds can use it with the help of exclusive features on this phone. Those features are TalkBack, text-to-speech output, Braille, hearing aids configuration, and TTY mode. Make everyone able to use the phone. Learn how to use the features in the Accessibility chapter.

Download User Manual

Here we are on the last piece of the Moto G7 Supra user manual summary. We hope the user manual assists you to run your phone smoothly. If you want a full document of the manual just click the link we provide. You will find the information you need to know about the Moto G7 Supra.

Download: Moto G7 Supra User Manual (PDF)