Nokia 3.1 Plus User Manual

A manual is a key to using a phone for the first time. Download Nokia 3.1 Plus user manual. It will assist you in exploring your new phone.

Nokia 31 Plus User Manual

What do you usually do when you get a new phone? Just go straight using it? Wait, we believe you have forgotten something. And it’s a manual book.

Some of you might not know the importance of a user manual yet. That is why we are here to tell you how useful a manual can be.

First thing first, a manual helps you to get familiar with the phone layout especially if you are very unfamiliar with it. Moreover, you will understand how to operate the phone correctly. It will minimize errors from happening.

Read more for the summary of the Nokia 3.1 Plus user manual. Thus, you know what information you will acquire by reading the manual.

Get Started

Do you often ask someone else for setting up your new phone? Actually, you can do it yourself. It is as easy as pie. Just read this chapter and voila, your new phone is ready to use.

This chapter provides you the instructions on how to insert a SIM card and memory card, charge your phone, transfer data, and restore app settings from a previous Android phone.


Frequent use of a smartphone tends to make you feel bored especially if the icons are small, unorganized, and unattractive. It even gives you a headache to just look at your phone. But do not worry! It can be overcomed by changing the phone’s appearance. Learn how to do so in this chapter.

Need longer battery life? This chapter also tells you how to improve it. Besides, it tells you the steps of changing ringtones, save on data roaming costs, use Talkback, and some other essential features.

Connect with Your Friends and Family

Maintaining a good relationship with your friends and family is always important. This chapter shows you how to send a message, make a call, and video call. It is always nice to communicate with them, isn’t it?

Want to contact your clients and colleagues for business purposes? You can send and reply to emails on the go from Nokia 3. 1 Plus. Doing your business will get easier with emails.

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Do More with NFC

Nowadays, NFC is getting more important. Nokia 3.1 Plus comes with this awesome feature. You can make payment with a third-party app, acquire information by reading NFC tags, connect to an accessory, and share data faster than through the same WiFi connection. All of those are included in Nokia 3.1 Plus user manual. Learn how to make use of NPC in the Internet and Connections chapter.

We will give you an example of how easy data sharing is by using NFC. Let’s say you just took lots of pictures on a DSLR camera and want to share them on social media. You do not need to transfer the pictures to your PC, then to your phone. Just get your phone and the camera close together, then the pictures will be on your phone in an instant. But you have to keep in mind, the two devices have to support NFC.

Apps and Services

Play on your phone. Download a bunch of apps to your phone and get creative! You can download video and photo editing apps, social media apps, live wallpaper, and other interesting apps on Google Play.

Do you like listening to music or reading a book? Get access to songs, videos, and books on Google Play. Go to this chapter and you will learn how to do so.

Protect Your Phone

Prevent your Nokia 3.1 Plus from getting accessed by other people. You can set up a fingerprint, so it is only you that can access your phone. This chapter also gives you information about lock code, IMEI code, and how to locate your phone in case you lose it. Make your phone protection stronger by reading this manual.

Download User Manual

That is all the summary of the Nokia 3.1 Plus user manual. It is very helpful to operate your new phone for the very first time. Just follow the instructions, then you will have the answers to your difficulties with this phone. Check the link we provide to download the full document.

Download: Nokia 3.1 Plus User Manual (PDF)