Cloud Mobile Sky M1 User Manual (TruConnect Wireless)

Let’s see the summary of the Cloud Mobile Sky M1 user manual with this document. It covers all the detailed information about the device’s parts, tutorials, and some features you might not know before.

Cloud Mobile Sky M1 Mobile Hotspot User Manual

The internet has become the most important thing for every day’s activity. You can do everything with internet access, from communicating with others, playing games, watching movies, or scrolling the internet and social media.

If you are an active internet user but not always having data connections. You can try other options; by using the mobile hotspot. This device can provide you with fast and stable internet connections. The Cloud Mobile Sky M1 is one of the mobile hotspot devices that could become the choice.

For first-timers, using the mobile hotspot can be quite intimidating and strange. That’s why the Cloud Mobile Sky M1 provides a user manual guidance document. This user manual contains all the useful information inside and outside the device.

Download User Manual

Before we start explaining the document, we will give you a link to download the Cloud Mobile Sky M1 user manual in PDF. Having this document is necessary since you will read this file back and forth to ensure you’ve already got the right instructions.

➡️ Download Cloud Mobile Sky M1 User Manual (PDF)


It’s better to have cautions followed than to miss some features and make your device damaged or misconfigurations. That’s why you will get brief information about some precautions when using the Cloud Mobile Sky M1 in the first chapter of the user manual.

The precautions range from using the mobile hotspot while on the road, the device while near sensitive or medical equipment, and the device while flying. You will also see some precautions while using the device for emergency calls or repairs.

Parts and Buttons of The Device

The other chapter of the user manual will discuss the parts and buttons available on the Cloud Mobile Sky M1 device. This introduction shows an illustrated layout complete with the numbers and explanations of each part.


There is no difference in charging the Cloud Mobile Sky M1 device from other devices like smartphones. However, reading this dedicated chapter to have proper charging would be best.

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Inserting / Removing Cards

The Cloud Mobile Sky M1 couldn’t be used if no SIM card was installed on the device. To do this, you can follow the instructions in this chapter. Besides that, this chapter also tells you how to remove the card from the device.

Basic Operations

In this chapter, users will understand some basic Cloud Mobile Sky M1 device operations. It all started with how to power on and off the device, turn on and off the screen, and operate the screen.

Establish Network Connections

How can you use the internet connections with the Cloud Mobile Sky M1 device without knowing about it entirely? This chapter gives you brief information on establishing a network connection, including when using a PC and mobile phone.

Log In To The Management Page

The Cloud Mobile Sky M1 device can be managed with its own website. You need a PC or Mobile Phone already connected to the Cloud Mobile Sky M1 to do this. This user manual includes all information when you’re connected to the management page.

This chapter includes how to modify the SSID and password, how to modify the username and password, and how to do a factory reset.

That’s it. All the summary of the Cloud Mobile Sky M1 user manual has already been delivered into this article. However, this is just a sneak peek of the manual. You need to go into the user manual document to get the full insight.