BLU View Speed 5G Review: The Appealing 5G Smartphone

Do you want to set your standards high by trying to use a 5G smartphone? Let’s start digging into one of the candidates by learning about it with this BLU View Speed 5G review.

BLU View Speed Review

The BLU View Speed 5G smartphone was launched in December 2022. It has become one of the budget-friendly 5G smartphones in the market. But those are not only its remarkable features. There is still a lot in it, and it would be better to start digging the device inside and outside.

For those unfamiliar with BLU smartphones, BLU stands for “Bold Like Us.” It means the BLU smartphone has many to offer that will catch many users’ attention. Here is the review of this device.

We have already broken down every important feature and specification in this Blu View Speed 5G review. It talks separately about the phone’s design, camera functions, performance specs, battery, etc. In the end, you will see our pros and contras towards the device. Make sure to read it until the end of the article.


BLU View Speed 5G key specifications:

Dimensions168 x 76.9 x 9.1mm
OSAndroid 12
Screen size6.5-inch
Resolution720 x 1600
ProcessorMediaTek Dimensity 700
CPUOcta-core (2×2.2 GHz Cortex-A76 & 6×2.0 GHz Cortex-A55)
Battery4,000mAh, Non-Removable
Rear camera13MP
Front camera8MP
FeaturesFingerprint reader


BLU View Speed
BLU View Speed

Right off the bat, the Blu View Speed 5G appears quite tall and slim, with a width of 168mm and a length of 9.1mm. It contributes a very ergonomic grip whenever users hold the device. The weight is only 175g, so it’s quite practical to carry on, whether in our pockets or purses.

The overall appearance isn’t different from most other smartphones – it is identical to some of them, making it no special at all. It can be seen in the front area the large display is ringed with thin bezels and also with the presence of a water-drop camera design.

Meanwhile, the back area starts showing some uniqueness. It is blue, and the diagonal accents give a little contrast. There are two kinds of diagonal accents; the big and the little. Somehow, it kinda reminds us of a suitcase design. The dual camera is placed vertically along with the LED flash.


BLU View Speed Display

The Blu View Speed 5G display consists of a 6.5-inch screen. It’s a decent size for a smartphone and can accommodate a spacious room for its users to do their own activities. Browsing the internet or watching any videos will be very satisfying.

Another important thing in a phone’s display is the screen quality. Comes with a large screen and needs the best quality to provide users’ viewing experience. It has a decently HD+ quality with 720 x 1600 pixel resolution.

The HD+ quality doesn’t mean there are no pixelated contents at all. But overall, it doesn’t bother us since we can still experience crystal clear, sharp, and rich colors of the graphic contents.


BLU View Speed Camera

The Blu View Speed 5G has a dual camera on the back and a single camera at the front. Let’s discuss the back camera first. The main camera comes with a 13MP resolution which is quite satisfying for a mid-range smartphone. It can amazingly capture high-resolution pictures and videos.

However, we don’t get any information about the other rear camera. But, we assume it becomes a depth camera. The depth camera itself can be used to get a detailed picture. We have no problem with that, though.

The front camera has an 8MP selfie camera. That’s a fine quality for people who love taking their own selfies. Using it for different purposes, like video calling, is also quite decent. It’s clear as long as you’ve got enough light to support it.

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Bigger is better. The Blu View Speed 5G smartphone is applied with 64GB internal storage. This is above today’s standard, and it’s very amusing to have this on a budget-friendly smartphone. Even though the actual size will be lower than that – due to some pre-downloaded apps, it is still enough for storing any file; contacts, images, videos, etc.

Nevertheless, for some photography geeks, it may not be enough. The Blu View Speed 5G kindly gives us an external slot to put the expandable storage of our own. You need to buy a MicroSD card up to 512GB and install it into the slot. Much easier and more convenient than regularly clearing up the spaces.


The Blu View Speed 5G performance depends on the Octa-core MediaTek Dimensity 700. This chipset is like a default setup for any 5G smartphone. It brings faster performance, yet the battery becomes more efficient with these specifications.

It runs at a 2.2GHz clock rate speed, simultaneously giving a solid and stable performance. It isn’t significantly powerful, especially when it comes to accessing some intense apps. But it’s responsive enough and does not show any delays.

Those chipsets are coupled with 4GB RAM. An ideal size for a mid-range smartphone, especially those specifically built for heavy duties. We’ve tried to open two and more apps back and forth, and it’s surprisingly very smooth. Even more, multitasking is effortless. No jiggle, no lags, no drama at all.

With 4GB RAM, we can easily handle lightweight apps such as chatting, browsing social media, or playing fair games. But it will take a little work to open some apps, especially the ones with intense graphics like 3D games and stroll around the e-commerce apps.

Android 12 becomes the ‘brain’ of the Blu View Speed 5G smartphone. Even though it’s not the latest version, we’re glad to see some refreshing improvements from this. The most noticeable is the interface, which is more modern yet minimalist simultaneously.

The updated modifications also happen in other aspects. Since Android 12 claims to be a more personal version. Users are allowed to have full control over their own privacy. Moreover, the users’ experience will be more fascinating with the dynamic transformation capabilities, where the overall contents, icons and graphics, will turn into a similar look to users’ wallpaper.

Sensors are usually already equipped inside the phone. The Blu View Speed 5G also has some of the default sensors. The accelerometer, gyro compass, and proximity sensors are under the hood.

Besides those, this phone also comes with a security sensor. It’s the one and only; fingerprint scanner. No face recognition here, but the fingerprint is still enough to easily and safely unlock the device.


As an added point, the Blu View Speed 5G has already supported 5G connectivity as its main network. It grants you a better internet and communication experience – faster and more stable than the previous connectivity. However, if you’re still uncomfortable with it, you can always come back with the 4G network.

Wi-Fi and Mobile hotspots are available on this phone. Wi-Fi becomes a second alternative to connect your device to the internet. Meanwhile, the Mobile Hotspot allows you to share your mobile data connection with other nearby devices.

On the other hand, Bluetooth and USB Type-C also come as other connectivity. These two work perfectly for transferring files for Bluetooth devices or a computer.


The 4,000mAh battery capacity keeps the Blu View Speed 5G smartphone running for long hours. As a highly demanding device, the battery size itself quite impresses us. We don’t get enough information about the estimated time of the battery’s life cycle. But, it guarantees a long-lasting performance – approximately lasting for a day.

No words for its non-removable battery type. It’s absolutely more durable than the other one. Furthermore, this phone is already powered up by a 10W Quick Charge. This is such great news, especially for a busy person. You won’t miss any updates from your daily life since it doesn’t need to change frequently.


The Blu View Speed 5G is a suitable smartphone for pro users but is still limited on their budget. This phone has a checklist of some requirements for being a mid-range smartphone. The 5G connectivity, spacious RAM and ROM capacity, and large battery size.

Above all, it costs only $180, which is affordable for a mid-range. There are still many options with the same range and features. We decided on this Blu View Speed 5G review. It’s a worthy device.

BLU View Speed 5G Pros:

  • 5G connectivity
  • Spacious RAM and ROM capacity
  • Large battery size

BLU View Speed 5G Cons:

  • Average camera setup
  • No face recognitions