AT&T Calypso 3 (U328AA) Review: A Well Featured Entry-Level Smartphone

The AT&T Calypso 3 review is here! Those looking for a budget smartphone with decent features may want to check this out.

ATT Calypso 3 Review

The AT&T Calypso 3 smartphone was launched in November 2022. Some people are always attracted to a new device that has dependable features. So do you. If you are right on this page, it means you’re considering throwing out your old smartphone and deciding to start looking for a new one with low prices.

The AT&T Calypso 3 smartphone might be one of the choices to put it into the ‘consideration’ lists. This phone doesn’t have extraordinary features whatsoever. It is a plainly good smartphone with average aspects for everyday tasks.

If that is the decent specs that you are looking for, then it would be very recommended to read the AT&T Calypso 3 review. Because it contains everything you need to know to get familiar with the device you’re going to buy.


AT&T Calypso 3 (U328AA) key specifications:

Dimensions149.7 x 72.8 x 9.7mm
OSAndroid 12
Screen size5.5-inch
Resolution720 x 1440
ProcessorMediaTek Helio A22 MT6761WB
CPUQuad-core (4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery2,500mAh, Removable
Rear camera5MP
Front camera5MP
FeaturesFace Recognitions


ATT Calypso 3
AT&T Calypso 3

In design terms, the AT&T Calypso 3 visual doesn’t give us a ‘showstopper’ moment. In fact, for a newly released smartphone, this phone is one step behind the other smartphone with a trendy and sleek appearance.

However, we appreciate the phone’s ergonomic design. It’s lightweight, tall, and slim. Thanks to 149.7 x 72.8 x 9.7mm of dimensions and 160g of weight compositions. It fits perfectly into the palm’s hand and has a good grip.

Right off the bat, the front area is outdated with its thick bezels, especially at the top and the bottom. In the no-bezel era, the AT&T Calypso 3 front’s design fails to follow the trends. Even worse, the front camera is also still embedded in the bezels.

The Lunar Black with a shiny effect case is instantly noticeable on the phone’s back area. There is a single camera with LED flash in a rectangular shape and the AT&T logo at the bottom. That’s it; nothing more in this area.

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ATT Calypso 3 Display

Relatively small, the AT&T Calypso 3 smartphone only has a 5.5-inch display screen for users to let their fingers access all the phone’s operations. Even though the display screen doesn’t fit in most entire units, with an 18:9 aspect ratio, users can still have a wide-view experience.

For the display quality, it has a 720 x 1440 pixels resolution. It’s HD+ quality which is great since it can support the small screen size. The content outputs will be more high-definition, and it’s as sharp as a knife–in terms of detail quality. The color quality is quite okay, but sometimes we notice flat icons and images here and there.

It shows imperfections when you use the device outdoors. Due to not-so-well brightness strength, the screen will dim under the screen. Other than that, watching movies won’t also deliver a smooth quality compared with a smartphone with a full HD one.


ATT Calypso 3 Camera

The AT&T Calypso 3 camera does not genuinely fit our expectations. This smartphone only has two camera setups; a single rear camera and a front camera. Sadly enough, these two don’t have high megapixels to let us capture beautiful pictures.

This phone only consists of 5MP for the single rear camera and 5MP for the front camera. These camera specs do not satisfy us in most aspects. It is below the bare minimum.

The main camera it’s not as sharp as it should be. Somehow, the pictures’ colors will become oversaturated. Even worse, it doesn’t have some features available to make it look better. The only dependable feature is the LED flash to help you get a picture or video with proper light in dark situations.

Getting a selfie with the AT&T Calypso 3 camera is also very limited. Forget about having beauty shots or else because it won’t be there on the device. Even though it’s an entry-level smartphone, we expect more than that because there are still many smartphone choices with better camera specs in the same price range.


There is 32GB of internal storage capacity on this AT&T Calypso 3 smartphone. It’s also a very typical size that you will find on most entry-level smartphones. Actually, it’s quite enough since this phone does not supposedly have high-maintenance apps and features.

However, you must consider the apps that are already installed in it. Users are only left with a small capacity to store their personal files and install other apps. It could be a burden for users who use a lot of space.

Luckily, the AT&T Calypso 3 can seek a way to make the phone’s capacity more spacious. One of the ways is by installing MicroSD into the phone. It would be best if you bought it separately. Or, if you want a freeway, you can regularly clear the caches and store your old data in the cloud-saving access.


The AT&T Calypso 3 is powered by the MediaTek Helio A22 MT6761WB processor. It’s practical and good support for an entry-level smartphone. This processor runs on a 2GHz clock rate, making the performance slightly faster but still maintaining power efficiency.

Nevertheless, purposely made for a budget smartphone, sometimes this processor shows underwhelming situations. Especially if you’re forcing it to do some heavy-consumed apps.

It all pairs with 3GB RAM, which makes the device’s performance smoother and more reliable. Thanks to that, we find no significant errors due to simple tasks such as chatting, browsing the web or social media. But not for playing high-intensity games; your phone will start heating up as soon as you play the game.

Multitasking is run quite well. But as time passes, multitasking with the AT&T Calypso 3 will show any lags and crashes. Moreover, launching the apps on the AT&T Calypso 3 smartphone is fairly easy.

The AT&T Calypso 3’s software leaves us mouth-gasped. It uses Android 12 as its operating system, which is impressive enough for an entry-level smartphone.

Android 12 has a renewed UI that can dynamically change the overall experience based on your chosen wallpaper. We also experience an effortless journey with this operating system. Most importantly, it has more advanced, reliable, and full-control privacy and security features.

Regarding privacy and security, the AT&T Calypso 3 smartphone only has face recognition to unlock the device. It’s the most secure security feature right now, so we don’t see a problem with that.


The AT&T Calypso 3 smartphone is packed with useful connectivity features. This phone relies on 4G LTE connectivity for the main network. It is like a norm for today’s smartphone, even though nowadays, a lot of smartphones use a 5G network. Despite this, the 4G LTE is still a fair feature since it’s widely accessible worldwide.

The other alternative to connect to the internet network is Wi-Fi connectivity. Bluetooth and USB Type-C are also available to allow users to share their files with other devices.


Being a budget smartphone means there are some compromises that we’re gonna get. One of those is the battery capacity. The AT&T Calypso 3 has only a 2,500mAh battery capacity to power all operations. That’s what’s written on the paper, but in reality, it could be far lower than that.

With those sizes, we can’t expect the battery to last all day long, especially if you’re a heavy user. But in normal use, the battery can survive for one day straight. The other disadvantage of this battery aspect is its removable battery type. This old type of battery is not selling out in the market. So, it would be inconvenient to find a replacement.


At this point, you must already find out the pros and cons of this AT&T Calypso 3 (U328AA) review. Let’s talk about the pros. Despite their affordable prices of $50, the only remarkable thing is their system which uses Android 12. The processor specs are also quite good.

However, we can’t avoid the cons of the AT&T Calypso 3 smartphone. The most ill-suited features are the camera quality. Followed by the battery size and the outdated phone’s look. We’re not satisfied with this phone at all. To be honest, you can still find a budget smartphone with better offers.

AT&T Calypso 3 Pros:

  • Affordable price
  • Android 12

AT&T Calypso 3 Cons:

  • Low camera quality
  • Low battery capacity
  • Out-dated appearances