Cricket Icon 4 Review: Massive Display and Battery on A Budget-Phone

Don’t wanna spend a lot of dollars on your next smartphone purchase? Then, how about reading this Cricket Icon 4 review to get the references?

Cricket Icon 4 Review

The Cricket Icon 4 smartphone was launched in November 2022. Recently released as a budget smartphone, this device is worth considering. Not only is its price that becomes the selling point, but the features inside are interesting to look at.

The Cricket Icon 4 smartphone has some flaws here and there. It’s understandable, though. In fact, despite these limitations, the device at this certain level still has fascinating features and functions that might make you guess, “how can this affordable smartphone have this kind of specs?”

Can we take you on a tour of the Cricket Icon 4 review? After a few descriptions of each feature, you will make this phone into a list. No need to rush. Let’s figure out everything slowly with this article.


Cricket Icon 4 key specifications:

Dimensions167 x 76 x 8.6mm
OSAndroid 12
Screen size6.5-inch
Resolution720 x 1600
ProcessorMediaTek Helio A22 MT6761V
CPUQuad-core (4×2.0 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery4,000mAh, Non-Removable
Rear camera13MP
Front camera5MP
FeaturesFingerprint Reader


Cricket Icon 4
Cricket Icon 4

Minimalist! That’s what we first thought when we saw the Cricket Icon 4 appearance. The combo of its dimensions and weights is just perfect. Not too thin, not too bulky. Holding and gripping the device is comfortable without stretching our hands.

The first area is at the front. It comes with a mainstream design – looks exactly the same as most smartphones nowadays. As usual, we like smartphones with thin bezels and a tear-drop camera because it gives us ample room to experience the display screen.

Move to the back area, where its girly vibe is showing beautifully. The Icy Blue color is kind of pastel-ish, which is–in our opinion, very pretty. A subtle diagonal texture gives users a nice grip while holding the device. There is also a camera with LED flash and a fingerprint reader here.


Cricket Icon 4 Display

A 6.5-inch display screen is massive, especially for an entry-level smartphone. What do you want to do with the Cricket Icon 4 smartphone? Playing games? Watching movies? Or, just lying in bed and scrolling your TikTok or Instagram? The screen fits the contents perfectly, and it will be satisfying to do those activities with a huge screen.

The Cricket Icon 4 has a 720 x 1600 pixels resolution to couple with the screen size. An HD+ quality is the least you can get from this device. Indeed, it’s not the best quality today, but for a budget smartphone, it’s quite decent.

With this quality, users can still experience sharp detail with accurate colors. Even though it shows pixelated images and icons every time we zoom in, we don’t find it annoying. The phone’s brightness is also so-so, but it is hard to control when under the sun.


Cricket Icon 4 Camera

Nowadays, cameras are the most important features. But unfortunately, just like any other entry-level smartphone, the Cricket Icon 4 doesn’t deliver this feature really well. Instead of equipped with two or more cameras at the back, this phone sticks by using a single rear-camera. Disappointed but not surprised.

A 13MP rear-camera comes as the only main camera and it packs with several advanced features such as Panorama, Portrait Modes, and HDR. It also could record a 1080p video and there’s a time-lapse feature that you can try.

Meanwhile at the front, there is a 5MP camera. Not a high megapixel especially for taking a smooth and beautiful social media selfie-worthy but that’s not too bad for your daily purposes.

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The Cricket Icon 4 smartphone provides 32GB of internal storage for users to store their files or install apps. It’s an average size for a budget phone, but it gets worse since the capacity may decrease due to pre-installed apps and some system storage.

Users can try two alternatives to overcome this problem. The first is by clearing the phone’s caches regularly. This way is inconvenient and not efficient, though. The last one is by expanding the storage with a MicroSD card. It would be more convenient. The only problem is paying extra cash to get the external card.


The Cricket Icon 4 employs a Quad-core MediaTek A22 MT6761V as its chipset. The chipset configuration makes sense for a low-cost smartphone, and it becomes a reliable setup to run the system. In general, this phone can deliver decent performance for daily tasks.

The chipset runs at a 2GHz clock rate. It supports the device to multitask seamlessly and can handle basic operations like chatting and surfing social media with no significant lags. The overall processing speed is okay but not jaw-dropping, though.

For a budget phone like the Cricket Icon 4, 3GB RAM is quite generous. RAM plays a crucial role in a phone’s flow operations. Large size means the device can have smooth traffic while juggling from one app to another.

Even though the 3GB RAM is above the average for an entry-level smartphone. We recommend you to still have good maintenance on your device. Don’t push out your phone to handle heavy apps; always clear the caches. Doing this can prevent your phone from becoming laggy.

Let’s move on to the operating system specifications. The Cricket Icon 4 features Android 12. Even though Google has released the latest Android 13 version, it applies to a few smartphone brands. That’s why having Android 12 on a budget phone is a bonus.

Android 12 improvements feature worth getting a shout-out. It’s famously the most personal Android version. It can be seen in their full-control privacy and remarkable dynamic color capabilities. Users’ whole experience would be fascinating with these features. Besides, its user interface has also become more sleek and responsive.

For sensors, the Cricket Icon 4 smartphone has a fingerprint scanner on the back. This security sensor can help you to secure the phone and provide easier access to unlock the device. No need to type in the passcode to open your phone anymore.


The Cricket Icon 4 smartphone can connect with others using a 4G LTE network. At this rate, users can get a fast and stable internet connection from anywhere since 4G LTE is available worldwide. You must put a nano SIM card into the phone to enjoy this network. Alternatively, you can also use Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.

Additionally, this smartphone comes with Bluetooth, USB Type-C, and NFC. These all have their own purposes. As for Bluetooth, it can share files with other devices and get connected with other Bluetooth devices. USB Type-C is for sharing files into a computer, and NFC is for e-payment, making it easy to pay for everything by tapping your smartphone.


The Cricket Icon 4 smartphone is powered by a 4,000mAh non-removable battery. Definitely, a huge capacity for an entry-level smartphone. Users can use the device for up to 21 hours at talk time and 576 hours or 24 days in standby time. So, you can expect the battery to last all day long.

However, this phone doesn’t accommodate fast charging, so charging time may take some time to fully-charged the device from zero capacity. That’s why if you plan to go out, it’s better to charge your battery at night – for preparations.


Honorable mentions; the Cricket Icon 4 is a low-cost smartphone – only $70. Affordable, but are the features enough for daily use? The answer is YES. With this Cricket Icon 4 review, we concluded that this phone has decent features to boost users’ productivity. Let’s say the large battery capacity, a massive display, and a pretty design.

Nevertheless, you might have some concerns about many aspects. For example, the camera setup is not quite satisfying, and the phone’s storage is so-so. If you don’t mind those drawbacks, this device is worth going to.

Cricket Icon 4 Pros:

  • Large battery capacity
  • Massive display
  • Minimalist and pretty design

Cricket Icon 4 Cons:

  • Unsatisfying camera setup
  • Average phone storage capacity