AT&T Motivate 3 User Manual

The AT&T Motivate 3 user manual lets you know how to make the device work with instructions and information about the device’s ins and outs.

ATT Motivate 3 User Manual

Have you got lost in the phone’s trivia and confused about the device’s systematic setup? That’s why the user manual becomes essential before you play around with your new smartphone.

The AT&T Motivate 3 is a simple device, but still, configuring the device will take some time and feel very complicated. Moreover, if you have no idea about the device at all. The good news is that this device also has its own user manual.

Even though the user manual is clear for anyone, some of you may not still feel assured about following the instructions. In this article, we help you by summarizing the entire content with the easiest and simplest sentences.

Download User Manual

Stick around if you need some useful tips and tricks. Still, we advise you to get the document to understand the AT&T Motivate 3 user manual. You need to download the user manual with this link and save it for later – just in case you need to go back to see the instructions again.

➡️ Download AT&T Motivate 3 User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

The user manual is started with the Getting Started chapter. As the first chapter, obviously, you will be introduced to the AT&T Motivate 3 overall’s appearance; the keys and buttons. You will see the infographic about the device with each description.

The battery is the most critical component of the smartphone. That’s why you must be extra careful and gentle while using it. This chapter will give instructions on how to take care of the battery. Besides that, you will also see how to complete the setup screens here.

Basic Operations

“How to make my screen portrait or landscape?” “How to use the Google account?” Luckily, you can find the answers to all the inquiries above in this chapter. You can even explore more while you read this chapter.

You can learn how to use airplane mode, lock and unlock the AT&T Motivate 3’s screen, and customize your home screen to be more ‘you.’

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Making Connections

The AT&T Motivate 3 smartphone can connect to the internet with your mobile network or Wi-Fi. How to do it? That’s the reason why you need to carefully read this next chapter.

The Making Connections is a chapter that stores all connectivity-related information. It starts with information about the Phone and Messages. It is followed up by the Internet and Social Networking section, where you can learn about Google Chrome and Facebook. In the end, you will learn about other connectivity like Bluetooth.

Apps and Entertainment

Build your moment and get more productive with the AT&T Motivate 3 smartphone. There are some ways to enjoy that particular activity; all you need are packs in this chapter. In the beginning, you will see an informative subject about the Camera and Video. Then, there is information about Productivity and Entertainment apps as well.


The next chapter of the user manual shows you how to make your AT&T Motivate 3 more convenient and comfortable. Take time to learn how to set up every feature and function on this device. Including how to adjust your screen display appearance and make your device more secure.

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Getting Help

When troubleshooting, we need a hand because even a little mistake can cause a major problem if it isn’t solved right. In the last chapter of the user manual, you will discover some troubleshooting for your common problem. The best thing is that it comes in a question-and-answer format, so it will be more understandable for users.

The AT&T Motivate 3 user manual is not just an ordinary document. There is much to catch up on here if you still don’t know what to do with your new smartphone. This article is an overview of the full ones, so in the end, you still need to figure it out by reading the manual.