AT&T Maestro Max (EA1002) User Manual

AT&T Maestro Max user manual has the information you need about the phone’s settings and features. We recommend users not skip reading it.

ATT Maestro Max User Manual

When dealing with a new phone, the best way to do it is to have a manual by your side. The manual is an official document for a phone. Rather than google something, consulting it is faster and time-saving.

The AT&T Maestro Max (EA1002) user manual is written in a comprehensive way. It covers all the information a new owner needs. Included in the manual is the guide on getting started.

There are also explanations on apps and features, tips and tricks, and advanced configuration guides. It’s all in one document, which has a PDF copy so you can carry it around at all times.

Read the sneak peek below for some popular chapters. Afterward, you can download the PDF via the link we’ve included. Hopefully, the manual helps you get around with the phone easily.

Making Connections

This is the section covering the phone’s main purpose as a communication device. The guides for making a call, call settings, contact, and messaging are written here. If you need help with this topic, this section is what you’re looking for.

It also discusses the internet and social networking. For this, you have the Chrome browser and Facebook sub-sections to read. Before that, make sure to connect to the internet using Wi-Fi or mobile data. Not sure how to do it? Don’t worry, this section also includes this connectivity topic.

ATT Maestro Max Layout Diagram
AT&T Maestro Max Layout

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Camera and Video

When you open the phone’s Camera app, don’t be surprised to see plenty of strange buttons and icons there. In the manual, it is less overwhelming there. It’s because you will see explanations for each of the icons. For this reason, this section should be your sidekick while exploring the camera.

Besides an illustration of the Camera interface complete with their usage, you will also see a table. The manual further explains camera modes here, such as Panorama Mode, the Night Mode, and Slow-motion mode. As it turned out, there is plenty to explore with the camera. The ones you could miss out on without reading the manual.


A phone can be a reliable work companion. For this purpose, the productivity apps are here to help you. To learn more about them, flip the pages toward this section in the manual. Among the apps explained here are Calendar, Navigation App, and Calculator.

Connected Devices

Your phone works better when connected with another device. For example, a Bluetooth speaker can make listening to music way more fun. Not only an external speaker, your phone can also work with a TV, a printer, or a PC.

To manage connected devices, head for this section. It has the instructions needed for when you pair them with the phone. Learn to activate Bluetooth, cast the screen, and connect to a printer here. It also has a section for data transfer, wired or wireless.

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Battery Manager

The key to long-lasting phones lies in their battery management. AT&T Maestro Max user manual knows this, hence what this section is about. It starts with battery monitoring. You can find individual energy consumption of apps and adjust accordingly. If you spot an app that is using too much battery, you can consider uninstalling it.

This manual also includes a guide for the Battery Saver feature. Your phone can automatically turn on or off a feature to save battery life. You can also display the battery percentage and take a look into the amount of screen usage since the last full charge. Read about all these capabilities in the manual.

Find My Device

Securing your phone is a must nowadays. That’s why in the manual, you’ll learn about various lock modes this phone offers. You can use Fingerprint, SIM card lock, and another special feature called Smart Lock.

What about when your phone is lost or stolen? That’s when Find My Device comes in handy. It will help you locate your phone’s whereabouts. In fact, you shouldn’t skip this particular section. So, you know what to do right away with your phone when it’s lost. In case of emergency, being quick gives you a huge advantage.

Download User Manual

Reading a manual, how boring it may look, has plenty of benefits. This AT&T Maestro Max user manual shows you information otherwise you’ll miss it without reading it. So, what are you waiting for? Know your phone better. Own a copy and download the manual through the link below.

Download: AT&T Maestro Max User Manual (PDF)