AT&T Fusion 5G (EA211005) User Manual

Have you struggled to discover your new smartphone? The AT&T Fusion 5G user manual comes to the rescue. Let’s find out together what is inside the phone.

ATT Fusion 5G User Manual

The AT&T Fusion 5G is a newly released smartphone. As the name indicated, this phone is already supported with 5G connectivity. Other than that, there are many fascinating features available on this phone. No wonder the moment you have this smartphone, you want to play around with the device quickly.

If it’s your first time having a high-tech smartphone, then it’s your reason to read the manual in the box. We know, some of you are not into reading activities – let alone if it’s a technical document. It makes you dizzy when you read it, but trust us, it’ll be useful.

To help you have a better understanding of the inside of the AT&T Fusion 5G user manual, we are already summarizing it and pouring it all into one brief article. So, read this to know what chapter you should look at if you’re having trouble.

Download User Manual

First, if you’re uncomfortable reading this summary and want to read the full document of the AT&T Fusion 5G (EA211005) user manual, then it’s your end. Here we provide you the downloaded link. Feel free to download it anywhere and read it anytime you want.

➡️ Download AT&T Fusion 5G User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

The first chapter is where you can start using your new AT&T Fusion 5G smartphone. This first part is where you will get the full layout of the phone, including the phone’s buttons and functions. The next part is battery use, with a tutorial on how to charge it properly.

The other things available in this chapter are how to turn the phone on and off, how to use a touch screen, and complete the basic setup.

Basic Operations

This chapter will discuss all of the basic operations of the AT&T Fusion 5G smartphone. You will learn about the home screen and app lists, phone settings menu, and screen orientation changes.

Other than that, you can also learn about how to enter text and phone numbers. Do you want to activate airplane mode? Learn about the Google account? And learning the home screen and status bar? You’ve landed on the right parts.

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Making Connections

The AT&T Fusion 5G is supposed to be a communication device. It’s the main purpose of having a smartphone. You will be thankful for this third chapter of the user manual because it contains all information about the connectivity tools.

You will get information about the phone, how to make a call and to set it up. Learn about the contacts by adding contacts to share the contacts. Learn about messaging, whether in text or Gmail. Get knowledge about the internet and networks. And last but not least, learning about other connectivity such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.


The default settings may not be up to your needs and standards. Thankfully, the AT&T Fusion 5G allows users to make changes and adjust settings easily. If you have no knowledge about it, then this chapter will tell you all settings included with the easy-to-read instructions.

The settings you will learn range from the basic settings, the network and internet, the connected devices, and the apps and notifications. You will also learn about the battery, display settings, sound settings, privacy settings, and many more.

The summary of the AT&T Fusion 5G user manual is ended here. That’s only a brief summary, so we’ve not put all of the chapters in this article. If you are eager to know more about the full document, we advise you to download the PDF file on the link above.