Alcatel Glimpse User Manual

Take a glimpse of the Alcatel Glimpse user manual to find out all about the ‘how’ of the device. This document is the go-to guide to help you come through the phone.

Alcatel Glimpse User Manual

The Alcatel Glimpse is a last-year smartphone, and its features and functions may not be as fascinating as today’s smartphones. However, if you’re a new user of this phone, you need a virtual assistant to guide you when exploring the device.

This assistance is called a user manual. In the user manual, everything you need to know on how to set up the phone and how to make some adjustments in some aspects would be told.

The Alcatel Glimpse user manual comes in a phone box. However, we can summarize it all in this article in much more understandable language. Hopefully, you can get a brief insight from this document.

Download User Manual

Here is a download link for the Alcatel Glimpse user manual that comes in a PDF file. If you feel it is enough and doesn’t want to continue reading this summary, you can stop here and download the link we’ve mentioned before.

➡️ Download Alcatel Glimpse User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

The first chapter shows the most essential part before operating your new Alcatel Glimpse smartphone. This chapter will take you on how to set up the phone for the first time, just like installing the SIM and MicroSD card.

Do you want to get some tips about extending the battery life? This chapter has it all. Moreover, you will also take a quick tour to get around the device, learning about the touch control, every button on it, and the key functions.

Connecting to the Internet

What is the point of having a smartphone if you can’t connect to the internet? Thankfully, the Alcatel Glimpse supports it. If you have no idea how to connect your phone to the internet, this following chapter is the best place to learn.

You will get information about how to connect with the Wi-Fi connectivity. You can also learn how to connect with the Virtual Private network.

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Browsing the Internet

After connecting to the internet, you can practically access everything you want with your Alcatel Glimpse. One of them is browsing the internet. This chapter will tell you from A to Z about it with understandable instructions.


The Alcatel Glimpse has a main camera on the back and a front camera. These two cameras can be used for taking pictures and videos. This chapter will discuss the camera features, complete with the instructions to edit the contents. Besides that, there are also brief explanations about YT Music.


As an Android smartphone, there are many Google apps inside the Alcatel Glimpse. In this chapter, you will find out what those apps are. There are Google Pay, Assistant, Chrome, Gmail, Google Go, and many more.

Phone Settings

The Alcatel Glimpse smartphone allows you to customize some of the phone’s features and settings. Not only that, but you can also adjust some settings to be more into your preferences. This chapter teaches you how to connect with the network, internet, and other devices.

Even more, you can learn about how to change the display and sound settings, how to configure the privacy settings, and how to activate Digital Wellbeing & Parental controls.

We’re at the finish point of Alcatel Glimpse’s summary. We only highlighted some of the chapters that we think are important for you. Nevertheless, there are still many chapters inside that we’ve not covered yet. That’s your cue to read it more by downloading the manual document with the link above.