Cricket Ovation 2 User Manual

The Cricket Ovation 2 user manual is an assistance document for new users to get to know the device and prevent them from making any mistakes.

Cricket Ovation 2 User Manual

Today’s smartphone is always developing new features and specifications that can fill the customers’ needs. Cricket Ovations 2 also understand these circumstances. By this, they offer some capabilities that you may not find in other devices.

You may think you have become a pro in understanding a smartphone. But a smartphone is a complex device. To discover all of the features inside thoroughly, you need assistance – just in case you have no idea about the device, or you will find trouble in the future.

Fortunately, there is a Cricket Ovation 2 user manual in the phone’s box. It is useful for you to learn about the device. But, it may be hard to understand the document since it comes in technical terms. Don’t worry. We already summarize it all for you.

Download User Manual

We have provided you this summary of the Cricket Ovation 2 user manual. But if you don’t feel like reading this article, you can stop here and download the PDF file immediately. After downloading this, you can read the document from anywhere you want.

➡️ Download Cricket Ovation 2 User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

What do you usually do when you’ve opened your new Cricket Ovation 2? We advise you to get familiar with the device. This chapter will give you information about it, from learning the phone’s parts and functions to learning about the phone’s battery.

You can also learn how to install the SIM and MicroSD card and turn them on/off the phone. This chapter will also give instructions if it’s your first time using a touchscreen smartphone.

Basic Operations

Some of you must be underestimating how to operate the basic operations. Without you noticing, this information is very important to you. The user manual contains complete instructions about some of the basic operations.

You will learn to capture screenshots and change the phone screen’s orientations. Moreover, you will also learn about phone applications, phone numbers, airplane mode, etc.

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Making Connections

The Cricket Ovation 2 smartphone is provided with some communication tools. This chapter will provide you with information about these tools. First, you will be informed about basic communications such as phone and messages. This chapter teaches how to make a call and send a text or email.

The next part discusses the internet and social networking. You will be guided about the Chrome Browser and Facebook. Another last will give you information about transferring files with/to computers, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi.

Apps and Entertainments

As a smartphone, the Cricket Ovation 2 has a bunch of apps installed on the phone. This chapter specifically will tell you about the Camera features and how to operate it. There is also an explanation about the entertainment and activities apps like Youtube in this part.


Do you want to have access to the network and internet? Do you want to connect with other devices? Do you want to see your battery health status? All you can do is in the Settings part; this chapter will show you how.

Other than that, you can also make changes to the display settings and sound settings. Also, make some configurations in the security settings.

Getting Help

Are you afraid your Cricket Ovation 2 will get into some trouble in the future? Don’t worry. You can go into this last chapter if the device shows some issues. It has everything you need to know to troubleshoot the device whenever it goes bad.

After reading the summary above. Do you start to feel eager to know the full meaning of it? If it’s a yes, scroll up. You can download the full Cricket Ovation 2 user manual document in the link we’ve already provided.