AT&T Fusion 5G Review: Perfect Mid-Range Smartphone For Daily Use

Revealing the leading technology that is equipped in this phone with a helpful AT&T Fusion 5G (EA211005) review. Let’s see the functionality and capability of this device.

AT&T Fusion 5G Review

The AT&T Fusion 5G smartphone was launched in January 2022. Aims a mid-range target customer with this device. What are those?

The AT&T Fusion 5G (EA211005) review is a helpful insight for you if you’re looking for a new device with leading technology. We will start discussing the device from A to Z. We hope you will get the overview and judge whether this phone suits you. They have advanced features. But the device’s price is considered affordable, even for a 5G smartphone.

Other than the ultimate 5G network technology, this phone has other interesting points. Let’s say the gigantic display screen, a quad camera on the back, and a large battery to power up the device all day long. But just like any smartphone, we also found some compromises in this AT&T Fusion 5G.

Key Specs

AT&T Fusion 5G (EA211005) specifications:

Dimensions176 x 79 x 9.6mm
OSAndroid 11
Screen size6.8-inch
Resolution1640 x 720
CPU2.2GHz Octa-core, MediaTek Dimensity 700 MT6833
Battery4,750mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera48MP + 8MP + 2MP + 2MP
Front camera13MP
FeaturesFingerprint Reader, NFC, Fast Charging, Wireless Charging


AT&T Fusion 5G
AT&T Fusion 5G

The AT&T Fusion 5G has a dimension of 176 x 79 x 9.6mm, making the phone tall and slim. By the looks, it is just like other standard smartphones; sleek, rectangular, and rounded edges. For a phone’s weight, it’s kinda heavy because it weighs 222g. Constructed-wise, it’s ergonomically comfortable to hold.

The front side as a display area is quite simple. You will see a huge screen with a tiny bezel surrounding it. There are no physical buttons because they appear on the phone’s screen, giving users extra space. Above the phone is a front camera in a punch-hole design.

On the other hand, the back area shows the phone’s true color; steel graphite. It is grayish which somehow looks premium to us. A quad rear camera is placed vertically, along with the LED flash at the top-left.

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ATT Fusion 5G Display

The AT&T Fusion 5G comes with a large 6.8-inch display screen. Combos with thin bezels, the screen is very ideal for users to enjoy on-screen content. It also gives us ample room to perform daily activities with the smartphone. If you frequently use the device for typing a long paragraph or editing photos, then it’s a perfect choice.

This phone gives us a crisp viewing experience with 1640 x 720 pixels. It means you will get an HD+ quality, a standard quality for a mid-range smartphone. Even though it’s not full HD, we still enjoy the sharpness of the screen quality. It also doesn’t pixelate when scratching the phone fits to the screen.

AT&T Fusion 5G accommodates us with 16.7 million colors. It makes the color come more vivid, and the phone’s brightness is good, especially for outdoor use. However, we notice slight dullness at some points, but we’re not complaining much about it.


ATT Fusion 5G Camera

Quad cameras are built on the back of the AT&T Fusion 5G smartphone. It’s one of the strong points of this phone, though. The first one is the 48MP main camera. You can get a detailed picture with these high megapixels. Secondly is the 8MP ultra-wide camera, you can take a panoramic pictures with this. The other two are a 2MP macro camera and a 2MP depth camera.

Not only take pictures, but you can also record a 1080p video with this. These rear cameras have unique features such as bokeh, HDR, panorama, slow-motion modes, etc. The LED flash enhances the output when users take a picture in a low-light environment.

A 13MP camera resolution is present as their front camera. It purposely works for taking selfie-camera or video-calling. We’re even more satisfied with this because it has a beauty filter to upgrade our selfie pictures.


Storing some files with the AT&T Fusion 5G will be spacious with its 64GB internal storage. But it would be best if you remembered that it is still a raw size. After all pre-installed apps and system junks on the phone, you will get approximately half of the size. In the end, storing the files with their remaining spaces may not feel enough.

Fortunately, you have two options to solve this problem. First, you can clear the junk files regularly – obviously, it takes a lot. Or, you can increase the storage capacity by installing a MicroSD card into the smartphone. The external storage does not come in the box, so you must buy it separately.


The AT&T Fusion 5G works on MediaTek Dimensity 700 as its processor. Even though it is a typical chipset found in most mid-range 5G smartphones. It’s quite powerful and reliable, though. It offers high capability and accessibility.

This processor runs at a 2.2GHz clock rate speed. It works perfectly with 5G services to provide faster performance. It also supports power-saving qualities.

Besides those, the AT&T Fusion 5G has 4GB RAM to store the temporary memory. We’re glad to know their RAM capacity because running multiple apps without lagging or crashing is sufficient. Switching back and forth also feels really smooth.

Having 4GB RAM also allows users to multitask. Opening some apps simultaneously won’t strain the device’s performance. You can also operate some heavy-duty apps smoothly without delays or glitches.

The AT&T Fusion 5G smartphone operates on Android 11 OS (Operating System). Android 11 is not the latest version, but it still has many improvements and answers all users’ needs. This version is redesigned to have better notification management with some categorized groups. Every time you get new notifications, they will be easily identified and divided by relevant topics.

Android 11 user interface looks more fluid, simple, and clean. It features a resizable picture-in-picture window, smart app suggestions, and built-in screen recording. All those features come to make your work easier.

Sensor matters. The AT&T Fusion 5G has several sensors embedded into the phone. The accelerometer and gyroscope features are included to identify the phone’s movements and orientations. It’s perfect for activities that require a lot of motion, such as playing games and watching videos. There is also the proximity to avoid accidental touches.

Moreover, we also have ambient light sensors to adjust the screen brightness automatically. For the security sensor, we only notice a fingerprint reader. It’s placed on the back of the phone. However, there is no face recognition sensor in this phone.


As known by its name, the AT&T Fusion 5G is compatible with 5G network connectivity. But it’s not only limited to that connection. You can also connect with the 4G LTE and older bands. It’s nice to see those ranges of networks since we need them all in different places – just in case we can’t have 5G in certain areas.

You can always rely on Wi-Fi connectivity if you don’t have a data connection. To be added, this phone can also be transformed into a mobile hotspot and can only connect up to 5 devices.


The AT&T Fusion 5G is supported by a 4,750mAh of battery capacity. It’s huge for a smartphone, and no wonder it weighs 222g because of this. This large battery can last up to 40 hours of talk time and 27 days of standby time.

This battery is a non-removable type one. It will need around 160 minutes to fully charge it. It all can do thanks to the fast charging capability. The AT&T Fusion 5G is already provided with a wireless charging feature–which can be added to this device.


As a verdict, the AT&T Fusion 5G smartphone has today’s standard of a mid-range smartphone. The phone’s price tag is $220. The price is quite affordable for all our features, such as 5G connectivity, quad cameras, and fast and wireless charging. If you’re choosing a smartphone with advanced features over the price, it’s a nice choice.

AT&T Fusion 5G Pros:

  • 5G connectivity
  • Quad camera
  • Fast & Wireless charging

AT&T Fusion 5G Cons:

  • Old Android
  • Lack of Face Recognition


There are two alternatives in the same range as the AT&T Fusion 5G smartphone. The first smartphone is Moto G 5G. It is two dollars higher than the Fusion – it’s $222. Still, it only comes with a triple camera, and there is no wireless charging here. Overall, besides that, it has the same specs as the AT&T Fusion 5G.

Another alternative is T-Mobile REVVL 6 Pro 5G. This phone has the same price range and specifications as the AT&T Fusion 5G. The difference is only with its network choice.