Wiko Life 3 (U316AT) User Manual

Do you get yourself a subsidized phone in your hand? Have no idea how to operate the device properly? Learn it all on the Wiko Life 3 user manual.

Wiko Life 3 User Manual

Did you know that there is a program for people with low incomes to get a subsidized phone for free? There are many smartphone choices for this program, and the Wiko Life 3 is one of those. This phone is specifically built for people who don’t have much hustle and prefer to use it for communication devices only.

The Wiko Life 3 is an ordinary smartphone. If you get this phone, it would be better to learn the device thoroughly to prevent misuse and any technical issues. The one reliable resource to get the knowledge is a user manual.

The Wiko Life 3 user manual is not just an ordinary document. It has everything you need to learn about the device. Suppose the manual is too hard to understand. In that case, we make it short for you by summarizing the document and describing each chapter really well.

Download User Manual

We know some people are too lazy to read technical documents. Even though we’ve already provided the user manual’s summary. It’s better to get yourself the full version of the user manual. You can download it here and save it for later reference.

➡️ Download Wiko Life 3 User Manual (PDF)

Getting Started

Take this first chapter of the user manual as an introductory part. Here, you will not only be informed about the Wiko Life 3 phone’s layout. It also describes some basic configurations to start operating the device.

First, you will see the installation subchapter. It’s where all of the installation instructions will be told. After that, it tells you about the home screen information, such as the status bar and notifications panel, and how to customize the home screen.

Making Connections

As a communication device, it’s essential to have several apps to support users to connect with their mutuals. The Wiko Life 3 is featured by those pre-loaded apps, and we will discuss it in this chapter.

The chapter begins with the introductions of the phone’s features, followed by the contacts and messages introductions. It comes deeper with information about Gmail, Internet & Social Networking, and Connectivity. Read this chapter to max out the communication features.

Apps and Entertainment

Get fancy and productive with several apps and entertainment on the Wiko Life 3 smartphone. It will be divided into two topics. The first topic is camera functions. Here, you won’t only get the basic instructions like taking pictures or recording videos. But also how to use the camera for translation and utilize the features.

The second topic is productivity apps. Including the Calendar, Google Maps, Calculator, and Clock. It is all defined finely with descriptions and step-by-step instructions.

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Once you’ve got the Wiko Life 3, it has some default configurations. Some of you may not find it comfortable, and you might need to adjust them. That’s why there is a setting feature on the phone; trust us, it’s too much to process.

This chapter will help you to figure out what the contents are. It lists all of the features from the network & internet, connected devices, display, storage, privacy, and location, to the security features.


A modern smartphone needs a modern solution, they say. It’s right, especially for the Wiko Life 3 smartphone. Sometimes the device will go strange; it’s freezing, it can’t access some apps, the battery runs out quickly, and other common problems.

That’s when you need a user manual. Why? Because it has a troubleshooting chapter. This chapter will compile all of the common problems of the smartphone and give you a straightforward solution to fix them.

The Wiko Life 3 user manual is more than a bundled document on the box. It helps users get familiar with the device, make some prevention steps, and provide help when needed. Now, scroll up this article, and get one user manual with the download link.