TCL 30 5G User Manual

Ready to discover the right way of using this phone? Also, let’s prevent any unwanted issues and technical problems by reading the TCL 30 5G user manual.

TCL 30 5G User Manual

Getting excited after getting a new smartphone is normal. What’s worse is you are blinded by its charms and ignore the most important one; reading the user manual. The user manual comes with a reason. It’s useful to give you precautions and information about your new smartphone.

If you notice in the box, the TCL 30 5G also has a user manual included. It has the same purpose as what we’ve mentioned before. This manual breaks down into some chapters, so users won’t get confused when learning their desired topics.

To simplify, we’ve already summarized the TCL 30 5G user manual. We choose some important chapters and their descriptions about them. After you are fully aware of it, you can move to the next section.

Download User Manual

This section is dedicatedly made for you who want to download the user manual. This download link applies to any device. So, you can get it for yourself anywhere at any time. It covers the full instructions. Make sure to get your one.

➡️ Download TCL 30 5G User Manual (PDF)

Your Mobile

Usually, different smartphones come with distinct physical layouts. Take this first chapter as an introductory, covering the TCL 30 5G’s structural design with its descriptions and key information.

Moving on, you will discover the step-by-step instructions for the basic setup to get started with the device. It starts with the tutorial on installing the cards and charging the battery. Even better, it comes with pro tips to follow. Next, you can start locating the home screen’s layout and personalizing it.

Multimedia Applications

A smartphone is supposed to have tons of multimedia applications inside. The Camera and Gallery are the two pre-installed apps available on the TCL 30 5G smartphone. Both of them couldn’t be separated. So, this chapter will discuss these two.

First thing first, camera. Nowadays, cameras have become an essential feature. How can you experience the full features if you don’t know how to start with them? This chapter will tell you how and what the features inside are. Meanwhile, users can understand everything about the gallery and its capabilities in the gallery section.

Apps and Features

Aside from those two apps we discussed in the previous chapter, the TCL 30 5G smartphone has many pre-downloaded apps. Let’s learn more about them, complete with the instructions for each feature.

It begins with the basic features to improve productivity, such as phone, contacts, messages, calendar, and clock. Then, you will be informed about TCL apps, Google applications, and others.

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Default configurations aren’t always suitable for us. Adjusting every functionality that you don’t find necessary or satisfying is recommended. Fortunately, this user manual chapter provides some useful information to achieve your satisfactory setup.

The four main topics of this chapter are the network and other connectivity. After that, you can learn to adjust your display, sound, buttons & gestures, and other advanced features. Also, it will inform you of the security, privacy, and accessibility features. And the list is still going on. Make sure to read it completely.


You can’t avoid any problems that will happen with your TCL 30 5G phone. It’s better to have backup solving problems in case you find difficulties, and to bring your phone to the service center is impossible. This chapter is a perfect place to learn about it.

This is a glimpse of the TCL 30 5G user manual. Even though it’s not completely discussed, we hope it can give you a better perspective on the importance of the manual. If you’re curious, download the document with the link.