TCL Flip Phone (4056L/4056W) User Manual

Let’s take some time to read the TCL Flip Phone user manual. Find out all helpful information about the device thoroughly. It may also contain the answers you need to know.

TCL Flip User Manual

When it comes to a new phone, people sometimes forget to read the user manual provided in the box. The user manual is a technical document that can assist you in discovering the device.

The TCL Flip is a feature phone which is considered a modern device despite its basic and outdated appearance. We understand that not all people are familiar with a flip phone. Therefore, a user manual will be useful for us.

Before you read the full document. We presented a sneak peek of the TCL Flip Phone (4056L/4056W) user manual. With this summary, we hope you can overview what is inside the document. Once you’re satisfied, you can download the full pdf afterward.

Your Device

The user manual starts with the introduction of the TCL Flip phone. First of all, you will be presented with the phone’s layout. It comes with labels and descriptions. It is also completed with the phone’s key guidance to help you operate the device easier.

This chapter will also show you the tutorial to set up the device, power on/ off the device, and have a quick tour of the home screen. You better pay attention to this chapter closely, so you won’t get lost.

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Phone Call

Since the TCL Flip is a basic phone, users’ activity will be very limited. One of the basic activities you can do is making a phone call. In the user manual, you will find out how to use phone calls properly. From making a call, answering/ rejecting a call, to hang up a call.


You might be surprised to find a camera-equipped on the TCL Flip basic phone. The camera is not the best quality compared with smartphones. However, you can still capture photos and record videos.

In the Camera chapter, you will learn how to use the camera. Learn how to take pictures and use some camera options available. You can even learn how to record a video with this device.


In the Tools chapter, you will find various pre-installed apps on the TCL Flip phone. One of the apps is the Gallery, where you can preview all your media files, including photos and videos.

This phone also supports you to stay productive with some productivity apps. Included, Calculator, ToDo, Notes, Clock, and Calendar. You can use Music, Videos, and FM Radio apps to get entertained. You will find out how to operate those apps in this chapter.

Network & Connectivity

Get connected with the internet network and other connectivity by reading this chapter. You will learn how to activate the airplane mode and use the cellular and data network. Besides, you will discover how to use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Geolocation.

Personalize Your Phone

The TCL Flip phone allows you to adjust some customization on the device. You can enlarge the fonts, change the language, change the date and time, and adjust the sound settings. 

You are also allowed to customize the phone’s display. Try changing the wallpaper, adjusting the brightness, and setting the screen’s timeout. Explore this chapter to get your phone to be more personal.


The TCL Flip phone is aware of the phone’s privacy and security. Since it is stored sensitive data, we need extra protection and feel safe with the phone. Because of this, we highly recommend you to read the Security chapter.

This chapter will teach you how to make your phone more secure by using the features available. Learn how to lock/ unlock your phone’s screen and activate the SIM security. Also, learn about the anti-theft feature.

Download User Manual

The TCL Flip Phone (4056L/4056W) user manual comes in handy to assist the user. It provides comprehensive information about the device specifications. It will be very helpful, especially for a first-timer. We have a full version of the user manual in pdf format for you to download. Here is the download link.

Download: TCL Flip Phone User Manual (PDF)