TCL Flip Go Review: A Dedicated Flip Phone For Simple Activity

A comprehensive insight and information on this TCL Flip Go review. All the phone’s “yay and nay” will be discovered here comprehensively. Make sure to read it.

TCL Flip Go Review

Comes as a flip phone which has some simple features for communication purposes. In a range of options, the TCL Flip Go can be one of the choices to fulfill your basic needs. This phone is not trying to compete with the modern smartphone, but it has its own attractive points.

Deciding to buy a flip phone is a real struggle. Even more, with people who have zero knowledge about this kind of device at first. The TCL Flip Go has some interesting features, such as a nice interface and large storage in its class.

There are a few things to explore in this TCL Flip Go. If you have thought, give this device a chance. Then, it may be a sign to read this TCL Flip Go review because it contains all the information you need.


TCL Flip Go specifications:

Dimensions107.1 x 55.6 x 19.8mm
OSAOSP based on Android 11
Screen size2.8-inch (internal), 1.44-inch (external)
Resolution240 x 320
ProcessorMediaTek MT6739-CH
CPUQuad-core (4×1.5 GHz Cortex-A53)
Battery1,850mAh, Removable
FeaturesWi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB Type-C, HAC M4/T4


TCL Flip Go
TCL Flip Go

The TCL Flip Go phone’s appearance is like other basic flip phones. It features a curved design, and the most stylish part of this device comes in its color choice; Midnight Blue. This color somehow represents a modern and minimalist vibe to the users.

The phone’s dimension is 107.1 x 55.6 x 19.8mm, and the phone’s weight is 139g. Those measurements are the standards you can get. For a flip phone, it feels lightweight yet still comfortable to hold around.

Exterior-side is where you can see the external display, rear camera, and phone’s speakers. Meanwhile, the device’s interior consists of the main display screen and a large keypad button.

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TCL Flip Go Display

Coming with two display screens, the TCL Flip Go fulfills the requirements of today’s standard flip phones. The main screen is the one you can see inside the device. It’s a 2.8-inch display screen with 240 x 320 resolutions.

With these resolutions, the quality is not extravagant like a Full HD or HD+ display screen, but it’s a QVGA screen quality. However, the user interface is easy in our eyes. Even with a tiny screen, we feel quite comfortable navigating the device.

The other display screen is a 1.44-inch external screen. This screen shows incoming calls and notifications without an urge to open the flip phone. It also has a date, time, network status, and battery information.


As a featured basic flip phone, the TCL Flip Go doesn’t show off its camera features. Instead of using it for a pro or social media photography matters, this camera works more in a practical way.

The device only consists of one camera; a single 2MP rear camera. That’s the only camera you can get with no advanced features–even no LED flash to enhance the pictures’ results.

However, this camera still supports recording a 480p video quality. It also allows users to zoom in/ out of the picture and the options of high or low-quality images.


TCL Flip Go Back Cover

The TCL Flip Go supports 8GB of internal storage, which is quite large, especially compared to the other basic flip phones. Out of this, users are only allowed to use around half of the actual size.

We don’t see it as a problem since there is nothing much to do with the TCL Flip Go. You can still store some essential files such as the phone’s contacts, messages, call logs, and some pictures. Since the camera has low megapixels, the picture size quality is not as big as smartphones’ outputs.

Nonetheless, users can also add expandable storage into the phone’s slot. This device lets users expand the storage up to a 128GB MicroSD card.

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The TCL Flip Go utilizes MediaTek 6739-CH to run its day-by-day operations. The processor is not the best in this phone’s range, but as a flip phone, we’re not surprised at all. This device focuses more on practicality and efficiency over advanced performance.

Comes along with a 1.5GHz Quad-core clock rate and 1GB RAM. It makes a perfect combo to boost up the phone’s performance. But at some point, we think it fails to fulfill the needs. It’s decent but not enough for us.

Multitasking is not this phone’s favorite operation. While doing this, the device will start showing any lags and crashes. Opening some apps back and forth will also need extra work, and it will start showing delays at some points.

We also don’t recommend using the device for heavy-consumed apps like playing intense games, strolling around e-commerce, etc. Because it will make the phone’s battery and performance drain.

With the proprietary OS based on AOSP, you won’t get advanced features just like most smartphones do. The user interface is a bit old, and not pleasing for today’s standards. There are some features that you won’t find in this phone.

The TCL Flip Go sensors are also not as complete as smartphones. It doesn’t even have some basic sensors but it’s packed with a Hearing Aid Compatible M4/T4, though.


As the main network, the TCL Flip Go is supported with 4G connectivity. Even though it’s not the latest 5G connectivity, with 4G, users can still experience a fast, stable, and full-coverage area network. Besides this network, this phone allows users to connect to the internet using Wi-Fi.

The other connectivity available is the Bluetooth and USB Type-C cable. These two can perform to transfer the phone’s files and data. The difference is that Bluetooth will be perfect for transferring files to other devices with a wireless network. Meanwhile, the USB works perfectly to transfer files into a computer network.


The TCL Flip Go relies on the 1,850mAh battery capacity to horse up the phone’s operations. It’s quite impressive for a flip phone. They claim the phone battery can last up to 14 hours of talk time. The device can last up to 14.5 days for standby time. It’s such a long life cycle, right? However, it depends on every user’s behavior.

This phone uses a removable battery type. This battery is a plus point since you can easily remove it from the device whenever it shows any damage or errors. There is no fast charging nor wireless charging in this TCL Flip Go.


In a world full of smartphones, not everyone is familiar with a flip phone, but it still has its own target market, though. The device costs $96. To be honest, this phone price is quite high for a smartphone. 

In conclusion, from the TCL Flip Go review, you can buy the device if you need a straightforward phone because it offers more practical than advanced features. But, don’t buy the device if you are looking for a cheap device, because in our opinion, with the price point, you can get a better phone with better specs and a lower price.

Pros: large storage capacity, straightforward features

Cons: quite a high price, out-dated appearance