Schok Volt SV55 User Manual

Have you just got a new free smartphone recently but have zero ideas on how to operate the device? Great news! We have the Schok Volt SV55 user manual for you, a new user.

Schok Volt SV55 User Manual

The Schok Volt SV55 smartphone was just like any other smartphone. It has a mainstream appearance but decent functionalities for fulfilling people’s daily digital activity. Even further, if you can maximize its features. It would be so much help for you to have its best capability.

Don’t worry if you have zero knowledge about the Schok Volt SV55. We all did at first, right? How about we tell you there is a single document that kindled a bunch of information you need; the instructions, tips and tricks, and so on?

Yes, it’s the user manual. A document that is often forgotten by every user. You didn’t know how much this document would give you more positive insight about the device you will use. Let’s catch up on the contents of the user manual.

Download User Manual

A link to download the Schok Volt SV55 user manual will be provided here. We highly recommend you get yourself one. You can download it now or later after you get a better idea about the inside of the document.

➡️ Download Schok Volt SV55 User Manual (PDF)


Get an overview of your new Schok Volt SV55 smartphone by learning all of the hardware parts of the device. It shows the diagrams to give you a quick understanding. Then, this chapter will tell you about the device’s battery, the instructions and pro tips to make your battery last longer.

Scrolling down the chapter, you will find guide information about the phone’s options, such as silent mode and airplane mode. There are also brief explanations about the touchscreen gestures, on-screen keyboard, and text.

Getting Started

The basic configuration is needed before starting your Schok Volt SV55. This chapter is a good start. At first, you will be guided through the step-by-step instructions on how to use the Google account. Then, they will show you the home screen, complete with information on how to customize it.

Next, with this chapter, you will view all the essential display icons and the notification panel. You will also be informed about the sleep mode on your device, the tutorial on how to search your phone and the web, and how to connect your phone to a computer.

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In the Google chapter, you will get information about all the apps, including Gmail, Maps, Calendar, Play Music, and Google Play Store. The best part is that this chapter also gives users instructions on each app’s features.


You can connect with your kids’ smartphones and share files with each other with Bluetooth. If you have difficulty figuring out the Bluetooth feature on the Schok Volt SV55 smartphone, this chapter is a place to go.

At first, you will learn about how to use Bluetooth, like turning Bluetooth on and off, changing the phone’s Bluetooth name, and pairing your phone with the Bluetooth device. Then, you will learn how to disconnect or unpair from a Bluetooth device, connect to a Bluetooth headset, and send and receive information using Bluetooth.


You can control and configure every default setting in your Schok Volt SV55 smartphone. It’s very easy to do if you know the basic information. Thankfully, in this last chapter, you will find every single function in settings.

The information is divided by each function, including Sound, Display, Apps and Notifications, Connected Devices, Accessibility, Security, and many more.

After all explanations in the Schok Volt SV55 user manual, we hope you get the insights of the original version. If you’re eager to know more about the chapters in the manual. Let’s go up and find the download link.