Schok Classic Flip Phone 4G Review: Minimalist Phone with A Modern Touch

Do you want to change your smartphone to a flip phone but need more time to leave all the modern features? The Schok Classic Flip Phone review will help you to find out about this device.

Schok Classic Flip Phone Review

The Schok Classic Flip Phone was launched in 2020. It was not a new-release flip phone. However, it was still worth it at some points, especially for you looking for a new modern flip phone to transition from a fully functional smartphone into a simple phone.

Some people are not a fan of flip phones, whether it’s too old-school or simply don’t know the existence of a flip phone. Sad but true, since a flip phone aims for a specific target market; a person with a minimalist life.

If you consider starting a simpler daily life using a flip phone, this phone may be your answer. Before you buy it, you should know the device’s ins and outs by reading the Schok Classic Flip Phone 4G review.

Key Specs

Schok Classic Flip Phone 4G specifications:

Dimensions115 x 61.9 x 20.5mm
Screen size3.2-inch
Resolution800 x 480
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 210
CPUQuad-core (4×1.1 GHz Cortex-A7)
Rear camera8MP
FeaturesHearing Aid Compatible M3/T4, Charging Dock


Schok Classic Flip Phone
Schok Classic Flip Phone

The Schok Classic Flip Phone appearance radiates a modern yet minimalist look. It comes in Midnight Blue and Red Cherry colors that are beautiful to look at. With 115 x 61.9 x 20.5mm dimensions, this phone is bigger than the average flip phone’s size and is comfortable to hold on to.

From the outside, you will see how simple the design is. It consists of an external screen, and above it is a front camera with an LED flash. The back side also doesn’t have anything that caught our attention. However, we noticed the back phone’s case has a nice texture to make it easier to grip the phone and prevent accidental drops.

You will see the main display and a physical keypad when you open the phone. The keypad is very tactile, quite responsive, and comfortable to press. Even better, the keypad has a built-in backlight to help you type in low-light situations. Opening and closing the phone also feels easy and smooth.

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Schok Classic Flip Phone Display

Following the standards, the Schok Classic Flip Phone has two display screens. The 3.2-inch of the main screen comes inside the phone. We are impressed by this size since it’s above the average; usually, it’s only 2.8-inch. With this bigger size, users are satisfied with experiencing the phone’s content and navigating the device.

As the screen is bigger, this phone has a higher resolution than the other flip phones. It’s an 800 x 480 resolution, which is brighter, and the color will be more accurate. They claim that the Schok Classic Flip Phone provides 62x more color than the average flip phone. 

The external screen also comes bigger. It’s a 2-inch display screen. But just like other phones, it doesn’t do much. It shows the phone’s date and time, the battery, the phone’s signals, and the notifications.


Schok Classic Flip Phone Camera

The Schok Classic Flip Phone provides only one camera. Their camera’s specifications are shocking because it has an 8MP resolution. Obviously above the bare minimum in its class; it’s 4x greater resolution than the ordinary flip phones.

The other impressive feature of this camera is that it is already equipped with an auto-focus and a flash. These two combinations can make a great difference to the camera’s outputs. The picture will become clearer and more vibrant.

Even so, the Schok Classic Flip Phone doesn’t have a front-facing camera. Users can still take a share-worthy selfie by flipping the phone around and using the external screen as a viewfinder.


The camera is great. That’s why the Schok Classic Flip Phone 4G needs to be provided with large internal storage. Fortunately, this phone’s storage is also more spacious than the others. With 8GB of internal storage, users can take more pictures and save more files with the phone.

Sadly, the system junks and caches may decrease the actual storage capacity. But the Schok Classic Flip Phone kindly gives us another option. Users can add up to 32GB of external storage into the slot to get more expandable space. In other ways, users can regularly check and delete junk or unwanted files.


Schok Classic Flip Phone Side View

The Schok Classic Flip Phone 4G runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 210. This processor is commonly found in flip phones to ensure the device runs smoothly. It mainly focuses on power efficiency by using as few resources as possible.

The Quad-core chipset comes with a CPU clock rate of up to 1.1GHz. By this, the processors can support the 4G LTE network. It means users can enjoy the network with worldwide coverage.

Next, we will discuss the Schok Classic Flip Phone’s RAM. RAM is a ‘place’ to save temporary memory and data. Ideally, the bare minimum of RAM is 2GB. But the Schok Classic Flip Phone comes with 1GB only.

It may look small, but the RAM capacity is good enough for a minimalist flip phone. You may find some concerns whenever you open heavy data or use some apps frequently. That’s why we recommend you use the device wisely.

The Schok Classic Flip Phone runs on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Short explained; this OS is designed by developers to make it more unique. Even though it is an Android, the overall phone’s interface and experience are very different.

The main problem with the AOSP / Proprietary OS is that some functions need to be more flexible. It is not supposed to be adjusted or modified. Say goodbye to making the device more personal – you can’t make some personalizations or change it as your preferences.

The Schok Classic Flip Phone has the Hearing Aid Compatibility M3/T4 feature. This feature can help you get a clearer voice. It works perfectly for elders who need extra hearing focus.


As the name indicates, the Schok Classic Flip Phone main network is the 4G. We are satisfied with this 4G network because it can be accessible, fast and stable in wide network coverage. But if your mobile network is unavailable, you can try connecting to the Wi-Fi network with this phone.

The other connectivity available is Bluetooth, USB Type-C, and GPS. Bluetooth connects the Schok Classic Flip Phone with other Bluetooth devices. USB Type-C for sharing files with a computer, and GPS to find maps every time you go to some places.


Schok Classic Flip Phone Charger Dock

The Schok Classic Flip Phone has a 1,650mAh battery capacity. A decent amount for a simple flip phone. But this capacity is similar to other flip phones with lower camera specs. So, as a Schok Classic Flip Phone has a higher resolution & storage compared to others, we expect to get more battery capacity.

A removable battery comes as their battery type. It can be both advantageous and inconvenient at the same time. Every time the battery gets drained or broken, you can throw it off and change it into a new one. But, this battery type can take a lot of work to find in the market.

Charging the battery is another thing to talk about. The USB Type-C is also used as their charging cable. Moreover, this phone also has a charging dock available.


After we’ve tried the Schok Classic Flip Phone, we can conclude that this phone has so many advanced features inside – especially as a minimalist flip phone. We recommend you buy this device if you want a simple flip phone with a modern feature, an 8MP camera, and large storage.

But the most highlighted point is you can get the Schok Classic Flip Phone for free if you pick up the device in Metro by T-Mobile. It’s quite a deal!

Schok Classic Flip Phone Pros:

  • Free by Metro
  • 8MP camera
  • Large storage

Schok Classic Flip Phone Cons:

  • Processor could be better


If the Schok Classic Flip Phone needs to meet your expectations. We have other alternatives for you. The first is the TCL Flip 2, a phone with decent features and lower prices. And the best part is, this phone launched recently, so you may get the latest features, too.

The other alternative is the TCL Flip Go. This phone also has features similar to the TCL Flip 2 and is freshly launched. It can be the alternative for you who still want to enjoy the phone with T-Mobile networks.