NUU B15 User Manual

The NUU B15 user manual is responsible for assisting in checking all the phone’s important information and following the essential instructions.

NUU B15 User Manual

The NUU B15 is an amazing smartphone. This phone has many useful features and advanced specifications to make your experience immersive and impressive. That’s such a waste if you don’t know how to utilize all of that.

That’s why the NUU B15 always comes together with a user manual. This guidebook contains insightful information for users to ensure their device runs properly and prevent the phone’s malfunction.

However, reading such a complex document is not everyone’s cup of tea. We know it since the user manual has long-paragraphed instructions that may be too difficult for anyone to process. Because of this, we make it shorter and more understandable by providing a summary for you.

Download User Manual

A new device always comes with a manual. But reading it can be inconvenient, and you may prefer to just read the digital version. We provide the download link for the NUU B15 user manual in digital or PDF. 

➡️ Download NUU B15 User Manual (PDF)


If you don’t know about the NUU B15 smartphone, how can you utilize all the features inside to the max? That’s why the first chapter of the user manual is always about the phone’s surface parts.

This chapter has all the parts and buttons in one illustrated phone’s mapping. Compiled every single angle of the phone to be learned of.

Setting Up Your Phone

Can’t wait to use your new NUU B15 smartphone? Take it easy. Prevent every malfunction that might happen later by following all step-by-step setup instructions in this next chapter. This chapter has important information, such as how to remove the SIM tray and configure the cards.

Other than that, you will also get a piece of useful information about charging the battery. It’s a simple activity, but did you know that if you don’t properly charge the battery, it’ll drain your phone really quickly? So, check this chapter thoroughly.

Safety Information

You can’t operate your new NUU B15 smartphone carelessly. Every part of the smartphone has its special treatment in every situation, and this user manual shows it all in the most comprehensive explanation.

You will find tons of safety information in this chapter, including the interference with medical equipment, how to protect your hearing with a headset, and how to use the device in a flammable area.

Moreover, there is also information about the operating environment’s safety, how to make this phone child-safety, how to treat your phone’s battery, and how to clean and maintain the device. The last two sections will teach you about the phone’s environmental protection and safety precautions. Make sure to read it to prevent unwanted situations.

As you might have noticed, the NUU B15 user manual doesn’t contain much information. Still, every piece of information available here is very important, and we suggest you do not miss even a glance to get a better journey with your new NUU B15 smartphone.