Nokia G10 User Manual

The Nokia G10 user manual comes with the knowledge you need. Properly use the phone and experience it in the best way possible with this manual.

Nokia G10 User Manual

There are a lot of things to do after you unbox a new phone. Sadly for most people, reading a user manual it’s not on the list. Little known how this document can be very helpful for users.

Thus, it’s best to not skip reading the Nokia G10 user manual. We can assure you that first, it is not a complicated read. Secondly, there will be a lot of things to learn inside.

In these sneak peeks, we unravel some of the topics covered within the manual. It can give you a general overview of what to expect here.

Afterward, we recommend you read the full document. We’ve also included the download link at the end of this article.

Get Started

It’s interesting to see that the first thing you need to know about this phone is how to keep its software updated. That’s the first topic you’ll read in this chapter.

The following section then explains all the basic stuff. A diagram showing the phone’s layout makes it easy for readers to identify the phone’s keys and parts. That’s not all. There’s also an illustration on how to insert your sim card and your micro SD card. This first section gives a good impression and encourages readers to read more.

Connect with Your Friends and Family

What is a phone if it’s not for connecting with our loved ones? The next thing this man will discuss is exactly this topic. In other words, it shows how to use the phone for calling, texting, and getting connected with your friends and family.

A guide for managing contacts is also included here. Beyond that, there are also instructions on how to set up your mail on your phone. So, that way you can use the phone, not just for personal purposes. You may also use it for work-related activities like emailing.


This phone comes with a great camera. So it’s better to not waste this feature by not understanding what it’s capable of. The man will walk you through the details of the camera feature in a simple way. Don’t worry, a sophisticated feature doesn’t have to be explained in a complicated way.

You are going to learn about how to take macro photos to capture more details in your shots. Additionally, read about recording video using this Nokia phone. Some basic guides are also available such as using the focus feature and taking a selfie.

Internet and Connections

It’s important to connect to a network to further maximize your phone experience. Connected to the internet, your phone can give you more possibilities. For example, you can share the photo you just took on social media.

This section discusses specifically connecting to Wi-Fi. But that’s not the only topic covered. Also learn how to use the browser, connect to a Bluetooth device, and share files via Bluetooth. There are plenty of ways to get connected and this manual will help you explore alternatives.

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Organize Your Day

Nokia G10 is equipped with little tools that make your day more organized. Among the examples: Calendar, Alarm, and date and time. You can add a reminder to an event, and you can ask the phone to help you wake up in the morning using the alarm.

If you are not sure how to do all of those, this manual will be ready to assist you. Make sure you read this section so you can understand how to make your day more productive.


Maps help you get around between places easily. You can ask the phone for directions when you want to go somewhere. That’s the topic discussed in this chapter. When it comes to navigation, this is the part of the manual you should consult.

Protect Your Phone

Nowadays a phone is like an extension to yourself. So, it’s important to not lose it. After all, a phone is a small gadget that can easily fall into the wrong hands if we don’t protect it.

Fortunately, Nokia has the feature you need. Here you have several options. One of them is by setting a screen lock. If that’s not enough, you can also set screen lock using a fingerprint. The manual also has a guide for setting up face unlock. This section offers all the security settings you need to know on this phone.

Download User Manual

After all of this sneak peek, aren’t you convinced of the full document yourself? Your curiosity will be answered shortly. What you need to do is simply click the link below to download the Nokia G10 user manual to your device.

Download: Nokia G10 User Manual (PDF)