LG Stylo 5 Plus User Manual

A user manual is necessary. Make sure to read LG Stylo 5 Plus user manual to ensure using the phone properly. We provide you with the download link.

LG Stylo 5 Plus User Manual

We believe they just do not understand the importance of the manual. Besides helping you get started with a new device, it helps you to optimize the features on the phone.

Although known as a manufacturer of household electronics, in the past years LG focuses on competing in the smartphone market. Currently, LG released a new phone called LG Stylo 5 Plus. 

The entire Stylo line-up comes with Stylus Pen. You can make your creativity endless. By reading the user manual, you will find out what you can do with this Stylus Pen. 

Another reason why you should read the user manual is it guides you to explore other features that LG Stylo 5 Plus has. You will find out what you can do on this phone and make the most of it.

Get Started

You cannot wait to use your new phone? Complete these steps, then you will get there. Before being able to use LG Stylo 5+, you have to register a fingerprint. It allows you to unlock the screen, view locked contents and confirm purchases. Go to the Custom-design Features chapter to register a fingerprint.

As you know, all LG Stylo comes with Stylus Pen. It eases you to use the touchscreen. This chapter tells you how to use Stylus Pen plus provides information about sound and quality effect, how to use multi-window and enable Google Assistant.

Check the following image for the detail of the phone’s layout.

LG Stylo 5 Plus Layout
LG Stylo 5 Plus Layout

Learn The Basics

If you have never owned a LG phone before, you might not be familiar with the LG Stylo 5+ design. The design is quite different from other smartphones.

The Basic Functions chapter will enlighten you. This chapter informs the parts overview, the location of the camera, microphone, speaker, notification LED, fingerprint sensor, nano-SIM/memory card tray, ect.

Furthermore, the Basic Function chapter warns you to hold the device correctly while making a call. It prevents your partner from hearing an unclear sound during a phone call. Therefore, your phone call will go on smoothly.

Are you looking for a phone that has a long battery life? Then, this LG Stylo 5+ is the right choice. It has relatively long battery life. You can make it last longer by using the battery efficiently. Just flip to this chapter and you will find how to do so.

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Content Sharing

Watching saved videos on your phone might be unsatisfying because the screen is not big enough. Why do you not watch them on TV? With LG Stylo 5+ you can play not only videos, but also songs and photos on TV. Figure out how to do it by opening the Basics Function chapter.

Other than that, this chapter also explains how to send and receive files between LG devices and other devices, such as a tablet or a computer. No worries about transferring data!

Useful Apps

You are a very mobile person, often write notes, but do not want to carry around a notebook? Just use QuickMemo+. This is one of a special app that LG Stylo 5+ comes with.

You can make creative notes by using this advanced notepad feature, such as image management and screenshots. Those features are not supported by the conventional notepad. Such a useful app!

Besides QuickMemo+, this chapter on LG Stylo 5+ user manual  informs you how to install/uninstall apps, how to use various camera modes, create GIF, even how to add a signature to your picture. What a great phone.

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This chapter includes explanations about how to customize basic settings. Such as connecting your phone to WiFi, activating bluetooth, activating mobile networks, enabling tethering, adding language, using LG AirDrive, ect.

Other than that, Settings chapter also informs you how to customize your phone in accordance to your preference. You can change the wallpaper, lock screen, theme, screen saver, font size, or sound.

Set Your Phone for Gaming

Calling all the gamers out there! You like gaming? Then LG Stylo 5+ is very compatible for you. It has high screen quality and a high-grade CPU. Moreover, you can make the phone more suitable for gaming. All you need to do is configure settings for game tools, graphics and battery saving features. Just jump to the Settings chapter.

Download User Manual

That is all the summary of LG Stylo 5 Plus user manual. Do not hesitate to open this manual if you are in confusion while using your phone. We believe this user manual is helpful. Click the link we provide to download the full document. Thank you for reading.

Download: LG Stylo 5 Plus User Manual (PDF)