LG K8X (LM K300UM) User Manual

Prevent any unwanted issues from happening with your device. Get rid of your tech-related problems with this easy-to-read LG K8X user manual.

LG K8x User Manual

Buying a smartphone like the LG K8X can be a huge hit or miss. It all depends on how you use it. If you have no clue how to operate it well, you’ll end up with a regular device.

But if you can utilize it to your advantage, you’ll have a remarkable piece of gadget. That’s why it’s important to get to know your device better.

You can achieve a deeper level of understanding by reading the LG K8X user manual. This is a wonderful document to venture into if you need a proper introduction to your gadget.

No need to read the entire document yet. Stick around and read this summary to get a gist of the user manual.

Installing SIM card

Make sure your LG K8X is properly installed with a SIM card and a memory card. Instead of a removable back cover, you will need to insert the cards using a tray. If you are unfamiliar with this, do not worry. The user manual has a step-by-step diagram showing you how to install these two cards.

If you plan on removing your memory card, you’ll need to follow the precautions provided by the user manual. These guidelines will prevent you from accidentally erasing everything on your memory card.

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Home screen overview

The LG K8X features a stunning display screen with an interactive home screen interface. The home screen is where all of your apps, widgets, and other features are shown. Get to know your home screen layout better by checking out the diagram in the user manual.

You don’t have to memorize the names of each feature on the home screen. This chapter has listed out the names of each feature and what their functions are. If you have trouble recognizing them during your first-time usage, the user manual is available to back you up.

Status icons

Ever wonder what’s happening inside your LG K8X? Fortunately, the phone comes with status icons to represent every activity happening on your device. These status icons typically appear when your phone receives an incoming notification. They can also symbolize a reminder or warning.

Check out the different kinds of status icons you can anticipate on your devices. The user manual will also let you know what each icon represents. The next time you receive a notification, you won’t be as clueless.

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Taking screenshots

See something you like while scrolling through social media on the LG K8X? Take a screenshot to keep a memory of it. Taking screenshots is incredibly helpful. It also serves as a more time-efficient alternative than taking notes.

To find out how to take screenshots with your device, check out the LG K8X user manual. There are two methods that you can try on the phone. You can easily get your next screenshot by doing a quick read of this chapter.

Using Bluetooth

Your LG K8X has cool features like Bluetooth that lets you connect with other devices. Bluetooth works well with wireless gadgets, such as earphones or speakers. Check out how you can pair these devices to your phone in the user manual.

Instead of sending data using email, you can use Bluetooth instead. This will save up the time spent creating a message. Share photo, video, or audio files using Bluetooth by following the instructions in this guideline.

Feature shortcuts

Navigating your LG K8X becomes even more convenient with shortcuts. By pressing on the right combinations of buttons, you can instantly open up several features. These include Camera, Google Assistant, and Screen-off Memo.

Take a look at this chapter if you want to install shortcuts onto your device. This handy tool will definitely improve your user experience.


The battery is the heart of your LG K8X. Without it, you wouldn’t be able to use the device in the first place. Make sure your battery is in tip-top shape by checking its settings. The user manual lists out all of the battery options that you can access to maintain your battery’s lifespan. Your phone’s battery deserves only the very best treatment.

Download user manual

That’s all we can show in this insightful user manual summary. But not to fret – you can keep the full LG K8X user manual for your personal usage. Access the entire document by clicking on the download link that has been conveniently provided. Have a splendid time reading the manual!

Download: LG K8X User Manual (PDF)