AT&T Motivate (V341U) User Manual

AT&T Motivate user manual explains all the settings and features available on the phone, including how to use these features and configure them.

ATT Motivate User Manual

What is the first thing you do when holding a new phone? Getting impatient to operate it? Hold your horses. There’s a manual you should read first.

A manual is composed to help new owners. Specifically, this AT&T Motivate (Emblem Solutions LLC V341U) user manual is here to help you get things done. Be it about getting started or avoiding troubles.

This manual doesn’t look complicated. There’s a tip you can do while reading. Instead of reading the manual in its entirety, use the index to jump into the topic you need.

Here’s an overview of the manual. Once you get the gist of what’s inside, you can download the full document. The download link is located at the end of this sneak peek.

Set Up Your Phone

A list of must-dos awaits when you just bought a phone. Among them are setups such as installing the SIM card, and charging the battery. Confused? This section is where you can find the instructions you need. You won’t also need to worry about the technical terms. In fact, this manual is written in a simple way and it has illustrations too.

Home Screen Basics

After everything is set up, you’ll need to turn the phone on. The previous section showed you how. This time, it’s when you get acquainted with the phone’s user interface. In this case, there is the Lock screen and the Home screen.

Read the manual about how you can get around the phone’s UI in no time. Learn gestures, icons, and how to manage notifications. To start downloading apps, a user will need a Google account. This section also includes this basic step for your convenience.

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Internet and Social Networking

On AT&T Motivate, you can enjoy Facebook without having to download anything. The phone comes with the Facebook Lite app. So, you can use it right away. Consult this manual on how to login into your account or create one.

Beyond Facebook, you’re welcomed to browse the internet. For this activity, Google Chrome is what you need. This section covers this topic too. Make sure you read it in the manual.

Camera Overview

When you buy a smartphone, chances are you will use the camera often. To get a good result, it’s recommended to make the most of the camera technology available here. Use modes, turn on a certain setting. There are tips and tricks to capture a picture that would impress your friend.

For that purpose, this section is what you’re looking for. Flash, Timer, Zoom, are among the tools you can use with the camera. Post taking photos, learn a bit more about editing too. You’ll be surprised how a little touch can make a picture much more beautiful.

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Network and Internet

Today, what is a smartphone without an internet connection? In fact, connecting to the internet is among the first things you will do on a new phone. For that purpose, this section plays an important role. It tells you how to connect the worldwide web through several methods.

Learn how to activate mobile data and connect to a Wi-Fi network. Further, read some advanced settings like VPN, Private DNS, and Wi-Fi calling. This is where you can read about Airplane Mode. Simply put, there are plenty of configurations worth learning here.


The battery is an important part of your phone, but it’s also the fastest to deteriorate. That’s why taking great care of it is necessary. In this section, you can learn how to check battery health using Battery Manager.

There is more you can do. For example, by using the Battery Consumption feature, the phone will notify you when an app is draining the battery. You can also turn on Battery Saver to lengthen your phone’s awake time.


On this phone, you can decide how an app can access your data. In this section, the manual guides you on how to use the Permission manager. It’s where most privacy configuration takes place. Decide whether an app can access your files, location data, or your contacts.

To deal with ads, this section also has the guide you need. Use the manual to manage how ads are displayed on your device. That’s not the only thing covered here. Additionally, learn about managing location history and read the usage stats of your phone.

Download User Manual

It’s not enough being said how a manual can be super helpful. In this case, AT&T Motivate (Emblem Solutions LLC V341U) user manual assists users from scratch to the most advanced settings. The book has a PDF copy, which you can carry anywhere on your phone. No need to look elsewhere, click the link below to obtain the manual.

Download: AT&T Motivate User Manual (PDF)