AT&T Maestro 3 Review: Nice On-Budget Smartphone with Android 12

What about changing your old smartphone to the new one? Please look at this AT&T Maestro 3 review to get the overview and consider it.

AT&T Maestro 3 Review

The AT&T Maestro 3 smartphone was released in September 2022. It’s a newly-freshened smartphone on the market. The price is the most attractive point of this phone, but fairly enough, its features are also worth-considering.

We can look at their 6.5-inch display screen. It’s quite large for users to experience the device. The 4,000mAh battery capacity also can be enough to power up the device. Even though it only comes with a dual camera, it still fits consumers’ needs.

Don’t need to linger on. Let’s talk about the AT&T Maestro 3 (U626AA) review, and we peeled off the device’s ins and outs. This review can be used for your future reference – just in case you need to throw off your old smartphone and change it into the new one.

Key Specs

AT&T Maestro 3 (U626AA) specifications:

Dimensions167 x 77 x 8.6mm
OSAndroid 12
Screen size6.5-inch
Resolution1600 x 720
CPU2GHz Quad-core, MediaTek MT6761WB
Battery3,900mAh, Non-removable
Rear camera13MP + 5MP
Front camera5MP
FeaturesFingerprint Reader


AT&T Maestro 3
AT&T Maestro 3

The AT&T Maestro 3 represents the appearance of a mainstream smartphone. It’s tall and large with dimensions of 167 x 77 x 8.6mm. As expected, with the size, we can feel the comfort of it. The phone’s weight doesn’t feel bulky at all.

A noticeable large screen comes at the front area, surrounded by thin bezels at all sides. You can see the three main buttons on the screen, which fit today’s standards, and a front camera in a punch-hole design at the center top of the phone.

The back area shows an ocean green color case; it gives a little luxury vibe; honestly, we rarely find this color on the phone. The dual cameras are placed at the top left with LED flash. In this area, you will also see a fingerprint reader on it.

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ATT Maestro 3 Display

The AT&T Maestro 3 comes with a 6.5-inch display screen. It’s a decent size for a smartphone. The screen stretches almost the entire phone, and thanks to the thin bezels, users can have a full content experience.

With that big screen size, users will have free space to play around with the device and utilize the phone’s features. Scrolling on social media or watching movies will be more satisfying with this phone.

Besides the large screen size, this phone has a 1600 x 720 resolution to enjoy. It means users are provided with HD+ screen quality. It has crisp, rich, and accurate colors. It’s comfortable to look at. We didn’t find rough pixels in the close-up icons.


ATT Maestro 3 Camera

As a smartphone, the AT&T Maestro 3 obviously has cameras on it. But unfortunately, it only comes with a dual camera – a huge difference from today’s entry-level smartphones. It’s 13MP and 5MP as their main camera and 5MP as the front camera.

Even though the megapixels don’t follow the current trends, it’s good for practical or social media purposes. For example, the 13MP main camera works nicely to capture high-quality pictures. The 5MP depth camera can be good for capturing close-up shots. Even better, you can still record a video with this camera.

The front camera comes in 5MP. It can be used for selfies, group selfies, or video calling. It could be a better resolution, but we have no complaints since this phone’s prices are below $100.

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Users need spacious memory to save their files and apps with the camera. As an entry-level smartphone, the AT&T Maestro 3 is quite thoughtful in giving us 32GB of internal storage.

But please remember that in every smartphone, the written storage specifications differ from the size you will get on your phone. At least, you can have half of the space for your personal data.

There is always a way to go to Rome. You can always try another option by expanding your storage to have more space. You are allowed to put the external card, a microSD. However, it doesn’t come in the box. So it would be best if you bought it yourself.


ATT Maestro 3 Side View

The AT&T Maestro 3 performance depends on a 2GHz Quad-core MediaTek MT6761WB. It is mostly designed for a mainstream, on-budget smartphone to deliver this phone’s magnificent performance.

With 2.0GHz clock-rate speed, you can’t expect the device to give you ultra-speed processing. But it’s fast enough to keep the device working throughout the day. 

The processor is combined with 3GB RAM. If we talk about the RAM, it’s the most crucial specs of a smartphone. The AT&T Maestro 3 has a decent RAM size to save the temporary data of the running apps. It is also refreshing to see 3GB RAM on a budget phone.

With this RAM size, users can have an optimal performance experience. The phone is less laggy. We are very comfortable doing our daily activities with this phone. Intense multitasking and opening heavy apps are very easy to handle. We are satisfied with this.

The AT&T Maestro 3 has the latest Android 12 operating system. Thanks to this, you can have some interesting improvements in some aspects. It delivers a more personal and effortless experience. The dynamic color capabilities can give users a more personal phone appearance based on their chosen wallpaper.

Shout out to their improved security matters. The Android 12 offers full control to its users when it comes to their privacy. You can choose what apps you’re allowed to access your personal information.

The AT&T Maestro 3 has several default sensors on its device, such as proximity sensors, accelerometer sensors, and so on. But for the security sensors, this phone only provides a fingerprint reader. If you notice on the back of the phone, a fingerprint reader is available.


The 4G network is still used to connect the AT&T Maestro 3 to the internet. We don’t expect the latest 5G connectivity in an entry-level smartphone. 4G connectivity also works really well. It is accessible in a wide area, and the connection is fast and stable.

Wi-Fi connectivity is also available on this phone for those who want to save their phone’s data and battery. Besides that, you are also allowed to use Bluetooth and USB Type-C cables. These two can be used for transferring some files to other devices.


The AT&T Maestro 3 has 3,900mAh battery capacity. The size is quite large for an entry-level smartphone. We can expect the device to be last – at least, until the end of the day. They promise to last up to 25 hours in talk time and 29 days in standby time. However, in real time, it can be shorter than that.

A non-removable battery type also becomes advantageous since it is more durable than the other type. It has less chance of getting broken. The USB Type-C is used for charging the battery.


The AT&T Maestro 3 has everything you need in a budget smartphone. We love how thoughtful they are when provided with 3GB RAM and Android 12 in the device. It makes a good pair to give users a smooth phone experience.

Surprisingly it only costs $70 for a phone like this. Indeed, as a budget smartphone, you will see some down circumstances, such as the dual camera and the average display and processor quality. However, it may still be acceptable for those of you who are looking for a low-budget smartphone.

AT&T Maestro 3 Pros:

  • 3GB RAM
  • Android 12
  • Affordable price

AT&T Maestro 3 Cons:

  • Average camera result
  • Average display quality


The AT&T Maestro 3 has two other alternatives in the same range. The first one is the Nokia C200, a $69 smartphone with similar specifications as the Maestro 3. Still, they only have a single rear camera as their main camera.

The other one is Cricket Ovation 2. This phone has the same price with the same specifications. But one thing that makes it different is you can get this phone at a cheaper price (terms and conditions apply).