ANS F30 Review: A Flip Phone with Dual Screen

In the ANS F30 review, take a deeper look into this flip phone’s features. Is it worth migrating from your current smartphone? Find out more here.

ANS F30 Review

Some people need a phone simply to keep in touch. There is no need for fancy features, multiple cameras, and other unnecessary perks. As long as it can be used for calls, then it’s a perfect device.

This is where flip phones like ANS F30 swoops in. A simple gadget but fully-functional, you can expect it to be reliable for day-to-day use. It’s an alternative for users who don’t want to deal with the complexity of smartphones.

ANS F30 supports 4G LTE and has a working camera, albeit in lower resolution. The phone is equipped with a battery enough to power hours of conversations.

ANS F30 review reveals more of the phone’s specifications and features. Find out how it could be a better option than smartphones for some type of consumers.

Key Specs

ANS F30 specifications:

  • Weight: 119g
  • Dimensions: 105.9 x 55 x 18.2mm
  • OS: Proprietary
  • Screen size: 2.8-Inch
  • Resolution: 320 x 240
  • CPU: 1.1GHz Quad-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 210
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Storage: 8GB
  • Battery: 1,400mAh, Removable
  • Camera: 2MP



ANS F30 features a snuggly compact design you would expect in a flip phone. It measures 105.9 x 55 x 18.2mm in dimensions and weighs 119g. You can only choose black because that’s the only color available.

The whole body design is slightly curved on the edges, allowing comfortable handling. The outer, front part of the phone shows an external display and a camera on top of it. Meanwhile, there’s practically nothing on the backside, except the logo and microphone.

On the left side, you can see the Volume keys. That’s the only button available on the phone’s exterior. We found that it’s easy to accidentally press these keys when you use the phone.

When opened, the phone reveals into the display and the keypad underneath. Buttons on the keypad are well-spaced between each other, allowing comfort while typing. But on some occasions, you need to push a key hard for it to work. It can be frustrating when it happens.

Overall, ANS F30’s design maintains practicality and ease-of-use rather than “to look good.” It’s not perfect, though. You can expect some problems while using the keypad. We’re also a bit disappointed by the lack of an emergency button. Many competitors are offering this feature on their flip phones.

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ANS F30 Display

ANS F30 comes with two displays. The first one being the main display, which is a 2.8-inch QVGA display. The second display is a 1.77-inch QQVGA external screen.

The main display is a low-res screen but is able to display colors. Again, the phone’s mission here is to make things easy to use. In the case of the screen, consumers need to be able to read texts easily on it.

In our opinion, ANS F30 does a pretty good job. Although not the sharpest display you’ll ever encounter, ANS F30’s screen is well-lit and bright. Users can read menus and messages clearly most of the time, except when using the phone outdoors. In this situation, expect a slight difficulty.

One thing worrying about the screen is it doesn’t look sturdy. It looks like it’s easy to crack on a single drop. For consumers, it’s best to be careful dealing with this phone.

Meanwhile, the external screen is one of our favorites in this ANS F30 review. This second display can not show colors, but it is useful nonetheless. You can see who’s calling you without having to open the phone. It’s where you can see the date, time, and battery status. The size of the display, at 1.77-inch, is also bigger among the external displays on competitors’ phones.


ANS F30 Camera

ANS F30 has a single camera with a resolution of 2MP. This camera claims to come with a flash. Since we didn’t see any LED flash on this phone, we assume it’s an on-camera flash. It’s a software-generated flash that automatically brightens your photos.

The camera has inferior quality, as expected on a basic phone. Mobile photography is never a priority here. So, don’t ask for photo results to be social media-worthy. Nonetheless, it still works adequately for capturing memories.

One thing to keep in mind, make sure the lighting is in good condition when taking a picture. This type of camera works best in natural lightings, such as on a bright sunny day. On the contrary, it’s almost impossible to get decent photos at night.

The camera comes with a built-in sharing feature. You can send a photo after you took it only with a few steps. It’s a helpful feature if you like to share multimedia files via MMS.

To summarize, buyers should keep their expectations low when it comes to ANS F30’s camera. It’s never a strong point on a feature phone, to begin with.

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Storage on a flip phone is typically small, so we aren’t surprised to see ANS F30 only has 8GB of internal memory. Despite its small size, this capacity proves to be adequate for flip phone users. Since you don’t need to install apps on this phone, there’s plenty of storage left to save pictures and contacts.

If you want to add multimedia files on your phone, it’s best to add an SD card. Some users might want to put MP3 files so they can listen to music on-the-go. For that purpose, adding an SD card saves you from getting run out of space.

Surprisingly, ANS F30 can handle up to 128GB of SD card capacity. We rarely saw this ability to handle such size on a basic phone. So this is clearly one of the advantages this phone has.


ANS F30 Performance

ANS F30 relies on a 1.1GHz Quad-core processor to run its day-to-day tasks. Working in tandem with the 1GB RAM, the CPU attempts to get the performance as smooth as possible on a feature phone. This low-cost processor is a good choice since it’s resource-efficient. It doesn’t take much battery life and it packs essentials techs like 4G.

As far as the performance speed goes, the phone is lucky to have a limited user interface. There’s no multitasking and owners can open many apps at once. Most of the time, you can navigate between menus with only an acceptable level of lags.

However, having the phone frozen is not usual on ANS F30. It can happen when you click on menus too fast. It also occurs during a slightly rigorous web-browsing session. Operating the phone requires some kind of patience unlike when you use a smartphone.

This phone uses a proprietary operating system. It provides apps and functionalities enough to get your basic communication needs covered. Some competitors put an advanced OS on their flip phones so you can install new apps. Sadly, you won’t have that option on ANS F30.

As a result, you will also miss out on features like Smart assistant or YouTube video streaming. For some consumers, this is not a problem as long as you can call and text people. But others might want a bit more functionality than that.

Although lacking a physical SOS key, this phone still provides emergency features like E911 and Wireless Emergency Alerts (CMAS.) ANS F30 is also compatible with hearing aid devices. There are other features like language support and font size to make the phone easier to use.


ANS F30 allows users to make 4G calls. Additionally, this phone still supports older bands as well like 3G and 2G. The 4G support, in theory, makes it possible for high-quality calls. However, we found that there is a lack of support from ANS F30’s hardware.

The speaker, for one, is not as loud as we hope. It gives a poor sound quality output. The phone also doesn’t allow HD voice that can improve the call quality tremendously. Sometimes, the signal can be so weak when using the phone inside a building. It’s better to plug in an earbud for better quality audio. You can find the headphone jack on the bottom of the phone.

This phone is internet and Wi-Fi capable, but don’t rely too much on it when it comes to browsing. Buyers will need to limit themselves to occasional Google searches. Beyond that activity, ANS F30 won’t be able to handle web-surfing well.


ANS F30 Back Cover

ANS F30 is powered by a small 1,400mAh battery with shabby performance. It’s a removable battery instead of a non-removable one like in a smartphone. We have mixed reviews over the durability because it’s not as long-lasting as we thought.

This phone promised up to 5 hours of talk time. This number is arbitrary and we knew it. However, we didn’t expect that it’s not anywhere closer than that. It also applies as well with the standby time, which only lists 8 hours.

The only consolation is the fact that the battery is removable. When the phone freezes or hangs, you can easily remove the battery for quick troubleshooting. It also means you can depend on a battery spare when you are not able to charge the phone normally.

Is ANS F30 a good phone?

There are plenty of options for a good basic phone and sadly, ANS F30 is not one of them. ANS F30 offers average specs, even by a flip phone standard. It supports 4G LTE and has a decent screen, but it is lacking in other aspects. For example, the battery is not as durable as we thought, and there is no helpful feature like an Emergency button.

At $49.99, this phone is also expensive. You can get better flip phones such as LG Wine 2 LTE. The latter has the better build quality and comes from a respectable brand.

To be fair, in this ANS F30 review we also list some of the phone’s advantages. Among the few are the phone’s spacious external storage option and reliable external display. If a buyer thinks that’s important to have, then the final decision is entirely on him.

ANS F30 Pros

  • Big external display
  • The external storage option is up to 128GB
  • 4G LTE support

ANS F30 Cons

  • Poor build quality
  • The keypad keys are not tactile
  • Expensive price