Alcatel MyFlip 2 User Manual (A406DL)

Don’t know how to use Alcatel MyFlip 2? Learn it by reading Alcatel MyFlip 2 user manual. Click the link provided to download the document.

Alcatel MyFlip 2 User Manual

Feature phones are still around today. It may have been long gone, but that doesn’t mean it has disappeared. Many people prefer to use a feature phone rather than a smartphone.

Even Alcatel MyFlip 2 is a feature phone, but you shouldn’t underestimate it. This phone adapts to the recent technology as it’s released recently. For example, the use of the 4G network on this phone.

Alcatel MyFlip 2 has functions that are more straightforward when compared to smartphones. But some people might still get confused. That’s why this user manual is important to read.

Figure out how to operate it by flipping through the manual pages. Moreover, you will discover other Alcatel MyFlip 2 capabilities.  In this article, we sum up Alcatel MyFlip 2 user manual for you.

Getting Started

Since this is a flip phone, the shape and the appearance are of course different than a smartphone. If you’re a flip phone newbie, reading this chapter is a must. The first thing you should do is to pay attention to where the keys and buttons are located.

Then, get ready to use Alcatel MyFlip 2. You will acquire the information on how to attach or remove the back cover, turn on and turn off the phone, charge the battery, and other initial steps.

Quick Dial Button

In case you are in an emergency, you can easily dial the numbers you chose beforehand. Setting the Quick Dial button will do the job. This is an important feature that a phone should have. We recommend activating it because you never know when the danger comes. Figure out how to add the emergency number, activate the Quick Dial Button, and how to call the emergency number in this chapter.

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Connect to Others

What’s the main reason we have a phone? Of course it is to communicate with others whether it’s your family, friends, or colleagues. This chapter tells you all about the features in Alcatel MyFlip 2 that will help you connect with others. Such as Phone Call, Contacts, Messages, and Email. Just some taps away, you’ll get in touch with them. Follow the directions in this chapter to do so. 


Alcatel MyFlip 2 comes with many applications. Make use of them. Make the most of your phone. With this phone, you can keep track of important appointments, take photos, set an alarm, listen to the radio, and so on. Go to the Application chapter and learn how to run the apps correctly.

Furthermore, Alcatel MyFlip 2 has its own app store. If additional apps are needed, you can just easily download them from the app store. Flip through the pages of the manual and you’ll find the instructions on how to install more apps.

Personalize Your Phone

Do you have minus eyes and want to enlarge the font size? Or do you want to change the wallpaper to make it more appealing? This chapter of Alcatel MyFlip 2 user manual got your back.

You can adjust the appearance of Alcatel MyFlip 2 based on your need. Explore this section of the manual and your phone appearance will be perfect. Other things you can customize are language, brightness, and sounds.


Alcatel MyFlip 2 uses its own operating system called KaiOS. Therefore, you need to create a KaiOS account to be able to use the phone furthermore. In the Account chapter, you will be provided with information on how to create a KaiOS account.

This chapter also informs you how to access Software Updates. Many people often fail to update their phone software and it could bring some issues to the phone. Make sure to read the instructions carefully and follow them.

Download user manual

With the charming flip design and the functions close to a smartphone, Alcatel MyFlip 2 is a perfect feature phone. Moreover, this phone is all about simplicity. Middle-aged people are guaranteed to be able to use it. If you still have difficulties using it, the manual will definitely guide you. Download Alcatel MyFlip 2 user manual from the link we provide.

Download: Alcatel MyFlip 2 User Manual (PDF)