Alcatel Joy Tab Kids 2 User Manual

Don’t let the joy stop while your kids play with their new tablets. Learning all device components from inside and outside with the Alcatel Joy Tab Kids 2 user manual.

Alcatel Joy Tab Kids 2 User Manual

Nowadays, it is not only the adults that need entertaining yet educational devices. Kids also need this gadget to build their creativity in the digital world. And tablets can be a device’s choice for them.

However, as an adult, when you’re ready to provide them this gadget, you need to be one step ahead, learning about the device completely. By doing this, you’re gaining the basic information to operate the device and maximizing and knowing all its hidden features.

There are a lot of resources to learn about the new tablets; one is a user manual. The Alcatel Joy Tab Kids 2 also has this document inside the box. Please read the manual, but first, if you want to have a little peek, this article can help.

Download User Manual

Some people usually forget about their printed user manual documents. Don’t worry. The Alcatel Joy Tab Kids 2 user manual is also available digitally. If you want to have this document before diving deeper into this article, you can download it with this link.

➡️ Download Alcatel Joy Tab Kids 2 User Manual (PDF)

At A Glance

As for the beginning, the user manual will let you glance at the Alcatel Joy Tab Kids 2’s external parts. It gives you a full layout of the hardware stuff with pictures and a clear infographic.

Set Up Your SIM Card

The Alcatel Joy Tab Kids 2 device is supported by mobile data network connectivity. In this chapter, you will learn how to set up a SIM card correctly. You will also learn how to set up the MicroSD card to be used on your device.

Set Up Kidomi

To make the Alcatel Joy Tab Kids 2 suitable for your kids, this gadget is built with a Kidomi app. Kidomi is an all-in-one app for kids with thousands of games, videos, and books that can develop your kids’ creativity.

This chapter will discuss specifically the Kidomi from A to Z. It all starts with how to get started with the app and then the information about basic configurations to allow some features on the Kidomi.

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Battery plays an important role in your device, making it powered on as the day passes. That’s why you need to pay attention to the battery’s health and maintenance as a user. Thankfully, this next chapter will give you information about batteries.

Start with the tutorial to properly charge the Alcatel Joy Tab Kids 2’s battery. After that, you will see useful hacks about how to optimize your device’s battery life. There are 3 ways to do this; adjusting the screen brightness, activating the power saving mode, and adjusting the screen timeout.

Security & Convenience

Since it’s a kids’ device, it’ll contain information about them. Because of this, the device’s security becomes an important aspect to learn about. This chapter will show you the information about the phone’s security; the screen lock features.

Add Additional Apps to Kidomi Launcher

As mentioned, the Alcatel Joy Tab Kids 2 is supported by the Kidomi app. In fact, the Kingdom has a lot of additional apps to be added to your device. Here, with this chapter, you will get the information about this matter. It comes in a sequence tutorial to give you an easy understanding.

Those above are only a sneak peek of the Alcatel Joy Tab Kids 2 user manual. There is still a lot of information that we’re not providing yet. If you want to know what’s happening inside the manual, check the first section of this article to get the download link.