ZTE Blade A3Y User Manual

ZTE Blade A3Y user manual helps new owners get around with their new device. In this document, you can discover features, apps, and how to use them.

ZTE Blade A3Y User Manual

Our dependence on technology is what makes us human able to develop into what we are now today.

Mobile phones, as one of the newest technologies humanity used, also have a large impact. ZTE then developed a mobile phone that will fulfill the modern needs of humans today with Blade A3Y.

With advanced engineering and built-in systems within the phone, you can believe that there are many features available for you to use. Now, all you need to do is to find out about it through the ZTE Blade A3Y user manual.

Today, you can take a sneak peek of what is contained inside the manual that we have summarized. Now, you can find out more about the new phone with this helpful guide.

Split-Screen Mode

With the demand on productivity keeps increasing by the day, our ability to multitask is also tested with the device that we use. Understanding this, ZTE provided the Blade A3Y with a split-screen mode, in which you can open 2 apps simultaneously. The manual will help you greatly to know much better this special mode of your phone.

Network Connection

As our work gradually shifts to the intraweb, it is important for us to have the ability to access the site we need to go to. Mobile network and Wi-Fi then become an important point to consider when purchasing a new phone.

Not only interweb connection, other means of connectivity is also available within your phone. Therefore, it is imperative for you to read the manual to find out more regarding what other connections are available to you.

Real-Time Text

In these modern times, it is no longer a time for us to sideline those with disabilities. ZTE understands this and includes the real-time text as a way to help converse with those having hearing impairment. Reading the manual is important if you wish to use this feature, as there are some steps you need to perform before it is available to you.

Camera and Video Settings

As with the trend of the modern mobile phone, it is important for us to consider the quality and the capability of our camera. Information such as the setting of your camera, what are the video quality available, or how to set your selfie camera is all contained within the manual. Therefore, try to read the manual if you are interested in its real performance.

Google Apps

With Google being the provider of Android, it is not strange to find our phones have already come equipped with several of Google Apps. Chrome, Drive, Gmail, Maps, and App Store are among several that you can find within your phone.

Through the ZTE Blade A3Y user manual, you can find in depth detail of the function of each app available to you that require a Google account.


Mobile phone, in its basic form, is a tool that can help us with our daily activity and like any other tools, it will, at one point, require us to fix it due to malfunction. ZTE has already predicted such things might happen to our phone, which is why they already prepare a special chapter within the manual.

The troubleshooting section of the manual contains all the necessary information regarding how to deal with problems that we might find while using the phone.

Web Accounts

With everything interconnected within the intraweb, the need to own a web account becomes greater by each passing day. By connecting our phones with one of our web accounts, there are many benefits that we can receive.

If you are finding trouble with how to connect your web accounts, perhaps the manual can provide an insight on what step you might miss. Also, if you want to replace your account, there is a detailed instruction on how to remove your account.

Download User Manual

With all of the features above, it is not wrong to consider the Blade A3Y as one of the most capable phones out there. However, what you just read are only a snippet of what is available from the manual. We recommend that you download a copy of the ZTE Blade A3Y user manual to find out more yourself.

Download: ZTE Blade A3Y User Manual (PDF)