Xplora XGO3 Kids Smartwatch User Manual

The Xplora XGO3 Kids Smartwatch user manual consists of all information about the device comprehensively. Discover the inside of the document to get started with it.

Xplora XGO3 User Manual

Giving your kids a smartwatch instead can be a wise choice in a full world of smartphones. Technologically, it isn’t as advanced or modern as a smartphone. Still, it is enough to monitor your kids while at school or playing outside the house.

Here comes the Xplora XGO3 Kids Smartwatch, a communication device for kids with the highest level of security to protect them from hackers and cyberbullying. This smartwatch is for parents’ monitoring and can be a fun playground for them without leaving their real-world activities.

Nonetheless, most parents aren’t tech-geeks, and it may take some time to figure out the device. Thankfully, the user manual always comes together with the products for users’ ultimate guidance.

We know it’s hard to keep up with a technical document. That’s the reason why we’ve summarized the user manual and described to you what the contents inside are.

Download User Manual

Let’s get the Xplora XGO3 Kids Smartwatch user manual first. The download link is available here for you to get the full document of the manual. It’s recommended to get this after you’ve finished reading the summary. You can save it on your device, smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC and read it in your free time.

➡️ Download Xplora XGO3 User Manual (PDF)

Prepare SIM Card

The Xplora XGO3 Kids Smartwatch still need a SIM card to properly operate the device. But, there are some circumstances you must follow to use the SIM card. In this first chapter, you will find the device’s compatible nano SIM card. Also, you need to deactivate the card’s pin code. The information will be provided with the links in this chapter.

Charging the Xplora Go

Charging the Xplora XGO3 Kids Smartwatch may look easy, but some precautions must be followed. This chapter has comprehensive information about this. Like, how to charge the device when the smartwatch comes with rubber straps.

Main Features

In the Main Features chapter, there are several descriptions of the features of the Xplora XGO3 Kids Smartwatch. These include Calls, Camera & Photo Messages, Voice Messages, Emoji Messages, Real-Time Tracking, and Tracker Mode Selections.

Power/SOS Buttons

The Power/SOS button on the Xplora XGO3 Kids Smartwatch can power on and off the device or activate the SOS buttons. The buttons are placed at the side of the device.

With this chapter, you will get knowledge about how to activate either one of the features. Also, there is information about how to use the features correctly.

Activate Xplora Go

Xplora Go is a pre-installed app from the Xplora XGO3 Kids Smartwatch. With the Xplora Go, it will be possible for parents to stay connected with their kids’ smartwatches for full monitoring of their activity.

You must install the Xplora Go app into your smartphone, activate it, and pair it with your kids’ Xplora XGO3 smartwatch. For more instructions, make sure to read this chapter right ahead. Please don’t skip this part because it’s crucial for using the smartwatch.

Changing the Device Mode

The Xplora XGO3 Kids Smartwatch can be changed into a device mode from an asset mode. By changing its mode, the device will turn from an ordinary watch to a smartwatch with all the features ready to be enjoyed.

Nowadays, we can’t separate our kids from modern devices. However, with the help of the kids’ smartwatch, we can offer a fun gadget, but still, no internet is needed. From this Xplora XGO3 Kids Smartwatch user manual, you can better view the device’s instructions and descriptions.