Sonim XP8 User Manual

Unravel the unique feature of your phone through its manual. Check the Sonim XP8 user manual and download it via the available link.

Sonim XP8 User Manual

We generally see phones are somewhat the same to one another without realizing that we often make little mistakes. Those mistakes are the results of our negligence in reading the manuals.

Meanwhile, when avoiding the mistakes, we can prolong the phone life. Especially for Sonim XP8. Albeit the phone is an android, it is unlike any other.

To prolong the phone’s life and maximize its use, we need to familiarize ourselves with all the features and terminology given in Sonim XP8 user manual.

Every phone is unique by itself. Unraveling the uniqueness may help us to understand the specific features that we need. Understandably, not everyone is interested in discovering their phone more. Yet covering the basics is important for all.

Unique to Sonim XP8

The uniqueness of this phone appears in its physical design. It has more connectors and buttons compared to the common smartphone in the market. After understanding the function of each button and connector is fully obtained, set up the phone. Setting up is similar to setting up any other normal phone.

The guidelines of the phone’s button, connector, and hardware features detail can be seen in the manual.

Phone Operations Without SIM Card

The manual uncovers fully functioning operations you can do without a SIM card. In a time of need, the phone can make an emergency call. You can access your phonebook, modify non-mobile network settings, and some other things.

However, there are some exceptions and limitations to it which are explained further in the manual. Regardless, it is important to understand this section as we never know when we might need it.

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Managing Contacts

The phonebook feature enables you to all basic communication needs which are also covered in Sonim XP8 user manual. You can add new contacts and have their details. Besides, you can import contacts from your SIM Card, creating groups, and share the contacts. If you want to avoid unwanted texts and calls, the blocking number feature is available.

The manual section of managing contacts also informs the tips and little tricks. The tips and tricks are for more efficient use of the phone. One of the reasons is because we don’t need to open two different apps at one time.

Custom Device Settings

The manual uncovers the display settings available to support aesthetic needs. Ranging from adaptive brightness, one-handed operation, and many more. It also helps in a simpler and quicker use of the phone.

The device setting is completed with other settings such as notification, tap & pay, and gestures. What is interesting here is you can change the profile in the user setting. The manual explains how you can set up the user setting for a multitasker to organize things better.

Accessibility Feature

Communication is essential to everyone. For that reason, it is important to have a phone that everyone can use. In the Sonim XP8 phone manual, you will find its accessibility feature is different. It can assist people with disabilities better. The features here are specially curated for different needs which made it useful and valuable.

Furthermore, you can set the printing feature to print the required documents or photos. All these features are within the system settings.

Battery Usage

Referring to the manual, the phone comes with a removable battery. It is recommended to charge the phone for 2.5 hours before using it. Nonetheless, referring to the manual by using the certified battery is important. Following the manual is an avoidance act towards unwanted risks, such as a battery explosion.

You can prolong the battery life by turning off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or GPS when you do not use them. For more, set the screen brightness to low, and select Airplane Mode when you have no access to mobile data or Wi-Fi network.

Download User Manual

That is brief information about the Sonim XP8 user manual. The complete manual can be seen through the download link we have provided in a PDF version. By reviewing it completely, you will have useful insight into maximizing the use of your phone. All that to benefit and assist you better when using the phone based on your needs.

Download: Sonim XP8 User Manual (PDF)