Nokia G20 User Manual

The Nokia G20 user manual is the one you should consult when you just bought a new phone. Helpful information is plenty inside.

Nokia G20 User Manual

The Nokia G20 is a very interesting phone by itself. This phone has four cameras and other enticing features. If you just bought it, you can’t wait to play around with the phone soon.

But don’t be too rushed. To reveal its full potential, what’s the best source of information other than its users manual? Save your time searching and surfing by reading this document first.

That way, you’ll become more ready to use the phone. The Nokia G20 user manual can also help you avoid errors and fatal mistakes when using the phone.

It will minimize the opportunity of you screwing things up. Here’s a short overview of what’s inside you can read before downloading the full document.

Keys and Parts

Before digging deeper into some advanced features of the phone, it wouldn’t hurt to learn the basics first. This chapter is the first one you will read in the manual. Examine the phone’s layout and its components. The manual comes with an illustration that will help you recognize what each component is for.

Next, you’ll also see guides for memory cards and SIM cards. When first setting up the phone, this step is important. Just like with the layout, the manual also provides illustrations for this step. That way you can easily understand what to do.

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Personalize Your Phone

There are some ways to make your phone unique and represent your personality. Choose a picture and set it up as your phone’s wallpaper. Beyond visual stuff, you can also pick ringtones and notifications based on your preferences. Read this section to find out how.

Further, you can also manage notification panels, setting up Google Assistant, and controlling the volume. Find the instructions on these pages here. Essentially, this section is all about maximizing your user experience with the phone.

Connect with Friends and Family

Most people will agree that phones are for keeping in touch with our loved ones. This section will help you how to do that with Nokia G20. Learn about using calls, managing contacts, and sending messages. There’s also a particular section for emails.


Nokia G20 comes with four rear cameras and it’s the best feature this phone offers. With it, imagine all the possibilities you can capture with those lenses. It might look confusing at first, but that’s what the Nokia G20 user manual is for.

In this section, learn about various shooting modes available on this phone. On top of the basics, the manual also discusses video recording, and photo and videos management, and editing. The job isn’t done once you press that shutter button.

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Browse the Web

There are many ways you can connect to the internet with Nokia G20. Setting up connections is a generally easy task. However, it can be too confusing for some people. With this manual, all your confusion can be cleared.

Start by learning how to activate the Wi-Fi. Once you’re done, get to know about browsers and how you can access websites.

Beyond the internet, you will also read other types of connectivity features. One of the examples is Bluetooth. This is how you pair your phone to external devices like a speaker or a smartwatch. Lastly, this section also covers NFC and VPN.

Find Places

With Nokia G20, you can find a place using the Maps app. This section tells you all the features and how to use them. From entering street addresses to select the correct destination, the manual will be nothing but helpful.

Beyond finding a spot, the map also has a navigation feature. Get the fastest direction when going to a place. Also, get an estimate of how long you will arrive and how many steps it will take. This manual will show you around through this feature.

Setting a Screen Lock

Protect your phone properly by enabling the security features the Nokia G20 offers. In this case, your pick ranges from using the fingerprint lock to activating face recognition. This section contains tutorials for those security methods. Make sure to read it.

If you want to take security to another level, users also have the option to activate the SIM lock. This method is a bit more advanced. But don’t worry. If you are interested, you have this manual to walk you through.

Download User Manual

As you can see, the information contained in this Nokia G20 user manual is very useful to know. Having the manual at your disposal is always advantageous. Make sure to download the full copy through the link below. The document will be in a pdf format.

Download: Nokia G20 User Manual (PDF)