LG X Charge (M322) User Manual

Let’s learn how to optimize your phone’s overall performance by reading the LG X Charge user manual. Personalize your heavy-duty smartphone!

LG X Charge User Manual

The LG X Charge is not among the latest phones available. The manufacturer released this smartphone in 2017. However, it’s still one of the best performing smartphones available on the market.

Therefore, if you are looking to use this sturdy phone, it is wise that you look at the LG X Charge user manual first. The importance of this smartphone’s guidebook is often understated.

All kinds of useful information necessary to change the phone’s settings are available in the X Charge’s user manual. You can learn about its most basic functions from the advanced features available.

In this article, we will provide you with a small slice of the user manual. You can also get the digital file for the complete details.

Multitasking Feature

The first thing the user manual will teach you is how to multitask in the LG X Charge. It is not a surprise because this phone’s purpose is to become a workhorse.

By reading the manual, you will know how to enable a multi-window and overview screen. This way, you can do multiple tasks at one time on one screen. Multiply your productivity!

Quick Memo+

One of the custom-designed features in the LG X Charge is the Quick Memo+. The user manual will tell you how to create creative short notes on your smartphone. It is not just a boring plain old text but an enhanced memo.

If you are curious about writing notes on your photos and screenshots, go check out the manual! It is a neat feature which will help you a lot in your daily chores.


When it comes to multitasking, the LG X Charge provides you with a lot of supporting features. One of them is the QSlide.

The user manual will guide you in enabling an overlay window on your phone’s screen. It is moveable, resize-able, and you can adjust the opaqueness. Thus, you can open various apps on QSlide to support your multiple activities.

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Basic Functions

The LG X Charge user manual also contains complete information about the phone’s basic functionalities. Even though it sounds simple, it is still necessary to learn all about it.

If this phone is your first smartphone, the user manual will become a valuable guide. You can learn about fundamental functions like turning the phone on or off, charging the battery, and inserting a SIM card.

You can also learn about inserting a memory card and how to remove it safely. Then, the manual will also tell you about card encryption so that your data is secure.

Home Screen

After you’ve learned about the basics, the user manual will continue to teach you about the phone’s inner functions.

You may want to read about the LG X Charge’s home screen. Knowing the apps placements, icons, and notifications will be useful. Moreover, you can also read about customizing your phone’s appearance.

The user manual will also provide you with information about the phone’s touch screen. Learn all the gestures so that you can control the LG X Charge with ease. In-depth knowledge of the phone’s navigation system certainly will assist your day-to-day usage.

Useful Apps

Once you have familiarized yourself with the phone’s primary components, you can read about the apps. LG installs various useful apps inside the X Charge’s memory.

Learn about the Google apps, FM Radio, Voice Recorder, Message, Clock, and various other essential applications. If you are not satisfied with the basics, the manual will also tell you how to install or uninstall an app.

Phone Settings

To customize the LG X Charge, you will need to read the user manual about the phone’s settings. This part will contain all you need to know about personalizing your smartphone.

After you have finished reading the manual, you will be able to adjust your phone’s sound, notification, and display. The wireless and mobile connection settings will help you to set your phone to stay connected.

Even if you have special needs, using this phone will not be hard if you learn about the accessibility settings. Features such as talk-back, touch assist, hearing, and vision settings will help you enjoy this phone.

Download User Manual

Digital LG X Charge user manual will be very convenient to have inside your phone. Now that you have read the brief overview, we will provide you with a downloadable file at the following link. You can save the pdf version inside your device and learn about this phone anytime and anywhere.

Download: LG X Charge User Manual (PDF)